How is it possible… Five times can\’t resist…The face of the demon god clan master changed completely, and his expression became a little crazy, because he couldn\’t believe that five times the power was beaten back by Shanghai with a punch, and he also felt the horror of the transmitted power. Compared to the time when the venerable was at his peak, he was more vigorous and domineering.If it was said that one and a half times the power was needed to obliterate the chaos power, now it needs at least twice the power to do out……Shanghai has disappeared.Fifty times the speed… The eyes of the head of the demon god clan were full of shock. Although he saw Shanghai, the speed at which the demon could not be slowed down a bit.Fengshen Spirit Slash!Nearly seventy times the speed of the shot, the power it brings is extremely astonishing. The demon can\’t evade in a hurry, but the shoulders still haven\’t evaded, and half of it has been cut off.Seeing this scene, the eyes of the demon god clan master\’s eyes became more and more blood red, he was already anxious, and five times the strength was not an opponent, should he use his ultimate strength? But if you do this, the demon cannot possibly be completely abolished, and this grandson is the one he loves most.However, the demon god clan master did not think too much.The grandson can be reborn if there is no grandson. There are so many children of this clan leader. If one is not enough, there will be a hundred. Are you afraid that you won\’t be able to give birth…The demon god clan master\’s gaze dazzled, and he urged eight times the power on the spot. With this force, the bloodline power of the remaining demon children and the many children of the Golden God clan was drawn away one after another.Brother Demon…Jin Youqian was a little panicked. He didn\’t expect that things would develop to this point. After mobilizing five times the power, Shanghai could not be helped. Instead, he had to mobilize more than 80% of the power.Eight times the power, I don\’t believe he can stop it. The eyes of the head of the demon god clan flushed, and his eyes were filled with madness.With the instillation of eight times the power, the demon\’s body swelled again, and the strength soared to the extreme. The aftermath of the impact actually distorted the enchantment greatly.Seeing the monster unable to show stronger power, Shanghai\’s eyes shrank slightly, and there was a problem. Obviously, the demon god clan master gave the monster unable to get some forbidden methods, so that he could have powerful power in a short period of time. The prohibition should cost a lot of money, right?Shanghai slowly stretched out his right hand, pointing to the top, and saw the door of transformation emerge on his fingertips, and the ancient bronze door opened, as if a mysterious world appeared, nine magic skills one by one. Appear inside the door.The same is the integration of nine technologies.But compared to before, both power and artistic conception are far above it. This is the gate of transformation that Shanghai controls after reaching the realm of the king. As his realm cultivation level improves, the gate of transformation is also improving. In the middle, and the mastery of magical skills, but also more heart-to-heart.

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