The divine might in his body was rigid, unable to wave, Shanghai\’s heart was full of eagerness.

Soon!The horn rang, and two white lights fell.It\’s her… When Shanghai saw another white light falling on Ming Yuyan, he was a little surprised, but he didn\’t think too much.Just as the white light was about to transmit, suddenly the transmission of the crystal of the gods stopped abruptly, and both Shanghai and Ming Yuyan fell back to their original places at the same time.what happened?Why did the transmission suddenly stop?The descendants of the Protoss present were full of doubts and puzzles.At this time!The five golden envoys sitting in the highest position suddenly stood up, and the expressions of the five suddenly changed, making it extremely difficult to look…Chapter 0838 Hidden BloodWhen everyone is confused.In the area where the Guangshen clan was located, a terrible cry came out, and the elder who took the lead beat his feet and his chest, heartbroken.How could this happen, the Light God clan was annihilated…In the elder\’s extreme grief, he spouted out of blood, and stepped back several steps backwards, almost falling to the ground.what!Has the Light God clan been annihilated?The sky-shattering waves spread in the square. More than three hundred protoss branches and millions of descendants were all shocked. This news completely shook the entire ancient protoss. No matter who it was, at the moment of learning, they were completely shocked. Shocked.In an instant!All the descendants of the gods are shocked and suspicious, because no one can believe that the light gods will be annihilated. You must know that the light gods are the third largest tribe in the branch. Although there have been no descendants of extremely aptitude in recent years, they have many aptitudes. Poor descendants.Besides!

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