She couldn\’t help but think of just now. She originally planned to fight Shanghai here. With her physique and some special skills, she is sure of winning. But now, when she sees it, she realizes that if she really tears her face, I\’m afraid she will lose.

A huge flame came from the south, like a scorching sun falling, sweeping over the sky, and in this flame, a huge colorful bird like a phoenix appeared, and it was the Suzaku sacred beast among the guardian sacred beasts in all directions.Ow…A giant tiger emerged from the north. The entire body of this giant tiger is composed of milky white crystals. Each crystal contains earth-shattering power. This is the white tiger sacred beast among the guarding sacred beasts.The guardian sacred beasts of the Quartet gathered together, and they have already attracted the attention of the four-nation Alliance of the Central Wilderness and the strong star realm. .suddenly!The god shot, and a pair of god arms fell down.The guardian sacred beasts roared together, turned into four shocking rays of light, and slammed into the pair of divine arms. Under the collision between the two, the scales and feathers splashed out, hitting thousands of miles away, and the crowds The peak was razed to the ground, and the face of the god was also distorted.This is a shocking battle.Whether it is the Four Nations Alliance or the strong star realm, they hurriedly ordered all the strong to disperse here as soon as possible. After a short time, many strong and wild beasts scattered and fled. This is more than a shock. The World War is still a terrible catastrophe, even for the top powerhouses.No one knows how long the battle between the gods and the guardian sacred beasts lasted. About seven days later, the void stopped shaking. The top powerhouses of the Four Clans Alliance and the Great Star Realm came to the battle area. After the devastation, I couldn\’t help but trembled.The battle between the powerhouses at the god level is too terrible, like a catastrophe, if the two continue to transfer, I am afraid that half of the middle famine will be razed to the ground.How is the outcome?No one knows, no one knows whether the guardian sacred beast of the four sides won or the gods won. The two disappeared out of thin air and never appeared again.However, there are five different kinds of blood on the ground, as well as scales, carapace, and crystal fur scattered all over the ground, as well as fire feathers that will never go out. Obviously, the gods and the guardian holy beasts of the four directions are all injured, at least injured. As for life and death, no one!The top of the sky.An old man with a golden silk and black robe is floating in the sky. At this moment, his face is pale, and there is a ray of blood at the corner of his mouth. It is the god who is fighting against the guardian saint beasts, but in his hand, he is holding A huge fire wing that was broken.Father, are you hurt?A middle-aged man appeared, apparently the god who had come in the past, and he couldn\’t help being shocked when he saw the black-robed old man with injuries on his body.Hmph, the descendants of the guardian saint beasts of the four sides have been passed down for so many generations, and they still have such a capability. It seems that we still underestimated these guys. Can\’t recover. The old man in gold silk and black robe looked down on the earth and said in a cold voice.

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