Jian Xicha looked at his territory. The green mountains, lakes and trees looked very beautiful under Jian Xi\’s careful planning. The Xiyuan pavilion was surrounded by flowers, ancient trees and lawns.

One and a half years passed.The eighth tower burst out with an extremely tyrannical aura. Eight kinds of reincarnation moods surround the body. The aura of Shanghai is astonishing. It is not only the changes on the body, but also his temperament, which has begun to take shape.The last half a year is left, and the speed of the pitch-black flame rising is much faster than originally expected in Shanghai, and it has almost swallowed the eighth tower.Stepped directly into the ninth tower.Welcome to the nine-story fairy pagoda.A deep and full of vicissitudes of life came from the tower, and saw a person sitting cross-legged in the tower. This figure is nine feet tall, without a head, and with a pair of eyes on the chest. The belly button is his mouth. This strange man is holding it. An ancient bronze great axe.At the first sight of this weird giant, Shanghai was stunned. The other party did not have the slightest momentum, but his body was full of monstrous hostility. Once it broke out, it might be difficult for the gods to resist. Fortunately, these hostility were affected by some kind of power. Suppressed in the body.Xingtian Giant God… Shanghai\’s expression changed slightly.From Lu Dao, he has a rough understanding of the ancient gods. There are many ancient gods and their strengths are different. But among the ancient gods, some gods are very scary, especially in battle, enough to make the rest. The souls are fearful.Xingtian Giant God is one of the ancient gods, and this Xingtian Giant God is not a person, but a general term for an ancient gods clan. Those who were born in this clan and become gods will be called Xingtian Giants. This big clan was in the Primordial Era. , Possessing extremely terrifying combat power, they seem to be born to fight.Even the weakest Xingtian giant also possesses extremely terrifying combat power.I don\’t know how many tens of thousands of years, someone has finally come. Xingtian Giant God\’s voice was full of excitement.Shanghai\’s face suddenly became solemn.Go ahead, beat me, and you can get out of this tower.The giant axe in the hands of the Xingtian giant shook, and the ninth tower thundered and trembled, and the power of the gods emerged. Although it has been suppressed to the lowest level, the power of the gods is terrifying, let alone an ancient god. .beat……Shanghai\’s gaze was dazzling, and he shot straight out, punching straight out.Bang!Blasting on Xingtian Giant’s chest, Shanghai felt as if he was hitting directly on the Third-Rank artifact. His entire arm was shaken almost numb, but Xingtian Giant was still standing in place, not even trembling in his body. Let alone take a step back.Ancient Demon Inheritor?

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