Jane Xi was also in tears at this time. Now she no longer needed to control her emotions. She bit her lips and clenched her fists tightly, because now the prohibition of protecting the God of war has disappeared, and the soul nourishing bead has regained its gray and dark appearance, which has rolled to one side and no one pays attention.

Ming Yuyan was quite puzzled, and quickly followed.Seeing that the booth was still there, he couldn\’t help but heaved a sigh of relief and quickly stepped forward.The owner of the stall is a slightly fat man. This person looks quite ordinary, but the powerful aura released by the whole body is a strong man at the pinnacle of the four worlds reincarnation artistic conception. This person does not say a word, nor is it like that. The rest of the stall owners entertained people who passed by with such enthusiasm.How to sell this thing?Shanghai pointed to a peculiar crystal like a spiral unicorn in the booth. There was a special streamer flowing slowly in this object, which was quite extraordinary at first glance.Eighty Thousand Supreme God Source. The slightly obese man said solemnly, as if he would like to buy or not.Shanghai directly took out the sixth-grade high-ranking blade-like artifact, \”The value of this item is around 60,000. If you are willing to change it, you can change it now.\”Deal! The slightly obese man\’s expression remained cold.make a deal!The two didn\’t talk nonsense, and directly exchanged what they were holding.Ming Yuyan, who followed behind her, became more puzzled, because no matter what she looked at, the things she exchanged in Shanghai were not worth 60,000 Supreme God Source.Shanghai, this thing will be exchanged for the sixth-rank high-ranking artifact… Ming Yuyan persuaded through transmission.Do you think it\’s not worth it?Shanghai smiled, and picked up the strange spiral one-horned crystal, looking at the strange light flowing in it, his eyes showed ecstasy, \”Don\’t talk about a sixth-grade high-ranking artifact, even a hundred pieces. If you change it, you won’t lose money…\”One hundred to change… Ming Yuyan was startled, and immediately asked: \”What is this thing, so precious?\”The essence of a unicorn.Shanghai took a deep breath, \”This thing was a rare treasure in the ancient times. For various professions such as refining tools and alchemy, it is a top treasure that can be encountered but not sought.\”So expensive? What use is it then? Ming Yuyan asked in surprise.Useful? It can increase the level of refined things.After Shanghai finished speaking, I did not continue to explain, because only refiners can understand the concept of raising a refined thing to a level. Of course, the essence of unicorns is not unlimited, only up to the intermediate level. Of refined things.

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