When she pressed down her heavy heart, she tried to pull out a smile and said, \”don\’t worry, Master Li, master Qiu and sister Shen, I\’ll try my best. You wait up there. I\’ll go down now.\” Jane Xi called with them, pushed open a stone door, and then walked in gently. The stone door closed heavily behind her, A layer of transparent stone appears on the stone gate.

Last Junior Brother, be careful… Wu Pei\’s expression changed suddenly, and he quickly reminded him.boom……A fist hit Mo Fengyun\’s back fiercely, and the sound was like the roar of thousands of thunder, directly hitting his body\’s silver armor to shatter, Mo Fengyun spouted a large mouthful of blood, and flew out.Seeing this scene, Wu Qi\’s face became extremely ugly. You must know that Mo Fengyun\’s defense ranks among the top three among the inner palace disciples. Coupled with the treasure armor, the defense is even more amazing, but I didn\’t expect it. Feng Yun would be beaten under this fist, so that the silver armor appeared broken, and the person was also injured.Shanghai turned out and stared at Wu Pecking, \”You have been guarding here for more than 20 days. How do you know when I will come out?\”I have a way. Wu Pecking Yinyin replied.Although Shanghai is still the great perfection of the second world\’s reincarnation, but for some reason, he always feels that the Shanghai he sees now, compared to the past, is nothing like two people. The pair of twinkling pupils reveals incomparable confidence. , This feeling made him feel uneasy.Do you want to know? Then I will tell you…Wu Pecking was halfway talking, and he shot again, and his body was shaking with black feathers, and a more powerful divine power emerged from his body. The wings suddenly covered the entire void, \”I didn\’t kill you that day, I will let you die here today. , Your strength seems to have become stronger, but what about it, your speed is far behind me.\” In an instant, the speed skyrocketed to three hundred times the boundary speed.咻咻…The black feathers hovered high in the sky, and Wu pecked the corner of his mouth with a smile. At its speed, even if he played, he could kill Shanghai.Suddenly!A figure swept over.what……Wu Peck\’s expression changed, his eyes widened, \”Three hundred times the speed of the world…he is only the second world elder Great Perfection reincarnation mood, how can he reach three hundred times the speed of the world…no…no, his speed is still there. Increase…three hundred and thirty times, three hundred and fifty times…it’s impossible.” The words that follow are almost roared, Wupe’s expression is like seeing a ghost. In a flash, he can no longer detect Shanghai’s The speed is up, and only some light and shadow can be seen faintly.In a hurry, Wu Pei waved his hands, and countless giant claws swept across the air, raging like a violent storm, raging across the land for thousands of miles.In the midst of these terrifying attacks, Shanghai’s figure was constantly shaking, passing by easily every time, because his speed was so fast that it had reached three hundred and eighty times, far surpassing Wuqi. .People?There was a chill in Wu Pei\’s heart, and he couldn\’t feel where Shanghai was anymore.呲…

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