\”This can also fly, but you need to control it with the remote control. This toy, a real plane, doesn\’t fly like this.\” Jane Xi saw Xiao Siyu holding her and asked questions with milk. She changed her indifference and squatted down. He summoned the remote control, gently explained it to Xiao Siyu, put the small plane on the ground, and then. He started the remote control and controlled the small plane to fly unsteadily. He was so happy that Xiao Siyu clapped his hands and jumped. Jian Xi handed the remote control to Xiao Siyu and simply taught him how to use it. His face was full of spoiled smiles.

correct!Sen Luo went on to say: \”The abnormal cultivation in the extreme realm has been cursed by heaven and earth, and the lifespan is only ten thousand, and he can\’t leave the extreme realm all his life. Even the other emperor can\’t resist it, but he has a way to avoid it. That is when Shouyuan is approaching, choose a suitable alien cultivator to assimilate with it. This method is extremely demanding, and there are very few suitable alien cultivators, and I happen to be suitable to be assimilated by him. Of course, assimilation has its drawbacks. It can only restore to the highest peak strength at most, and cannot go any further. If you want to lift the curse of heaven and earth, you can only enter the Nine Color Light Gate.\”After listening to this, Shanghai suddenly understood that this was going to be done for the sake of the Emperor and the others, but in fact they were just trying to continue to live.Can there be traces of my parents in the memory of the other emperor? Shanghai hurriedly asked. Sen Luo and the other emperor in oneIt has been more than 20 years since the two souls have merged, and they will definitely have the memory of the other emperor. Even if they only own a part, they may also involve their parents. Don\’t ask at this moment, when will you wait?Yes! Sen Luo nodded.Really? Shanghai was excited.Don\’t get excited, I only have part of the memory of the other emperor. Although there are traces of your parents, it may not be too much.No matter how many there are, tell me quickly. Shanghai suppressed his inner excitement.According to the memory of the other emperor, he had contact with your parents twice. The first time he used a special secret method to investigate. By accident, he learned that your parents will go to a place in the lower heaven of God\’s Domain next. There is one thing in the secret realm. What is the specific thing? There is no memory, but your parents mentioned that they have been to an ancient sect in the lower heavens of the gods. This sect has been passed down since the ancient times. Which one is the specific one? , I don\’t know. Sun Luo said as he recalled.The ancient sect…It has been passed down since Taikoo to this day…Shanghai finally got some clues, although not many, but for him, at least one outline.If you talk about ancient sects, it’s quite troublesome to find. Many sects in the lower heavens of God’s Domain are ancient. They are considered to be ancient if they are passed down for thousands of years, and hundreds of millions of years are considered to be ancient. If you want to find them one by one, I don’t know. How much time will it take.Shanghai can afford to wait, but the longer the time, the traces left by the parents will fade away over time.If it is passed down to this day after the ancient times, then there is a limited scope, and such sects will certainly not be too many in the lower heavens of the gods, after all, after the ancient times, it is unknown how many trillion years have passed since then , There must be only a few sects that can survive.It is much easier to find if the scope is narrowed down. As long as you find these sects, then it will be much easier to find clues to your parents.After all, it is impossible for fathers and mothers not to have contact with other people. For ordinary people, more than 20 years may be a half-life time, but for cultivators, especially those in God\’s Domain, it is just like yesterday. That\’s it.Siluo, are there anymore? Shanghai still wants to know more about it, at least it can save a lot of searching time.No more… Sen Luo shook his head, he had searched all his memories.

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