\”There are many small wounds on his body, but the most fatal one is the sword on his chest. However, the sword technique should be ice sword technique, otherwise it can\’t freeze people like this. Now his body is freezing again, but if it\’s in time, he can be saved.\” unexpectedly, shangguanbo, who didn\’t say a word before, said so much. It seems that he observed it more carefully.

Your remarks, let me wait how to believe you.Suffering from the Ten Principles of the City of Everything? Are you really fooling around as a child? If you suffer from the Ten Principles of the City of Everything, why are you still intact now? another Huangpao old monster said angrily.It\’s true that the physique underneath is different from that of ordinary people. If you don\’t believe it, you can see it. As Shanghai spoke, he stamped on the ground fiercely.Huh!As if a mountain fell on the ground, the whole ground trembled violently.Many old monsters in the enchantment saw this, their expressions changed instantly. With their cultivation and insights, how can they not see that Shanghai\’s physique is terribly powerful, and that one foot is useless under the power of God, just relying on it. The strength of the physique shakes the earth, and the strength of this physique is far beyond imagination.The old monsters who didn\’t believe it before suddenly believed a little bit.Lin Xiaoyou, what you said is true? If you deceived me, do you know the consequences? Nanling is so big that there will be no place for you. Ji Zhi said in a deep voice.There is no lie in what I said below. If the seniors still don\’t believe me, you can check my memory and spiritual knowledge. No matter how courageous I am, I don\’t dare to deceive the seniors. Shanghai said helplessly.good!I\’ll check your memory and spiritual knowledge.If not, then wait for you to be broken into pieces. Immediately! The six old monsters who were proficient in the method of spiritual consciousness transformed into spiritual consciousness and directly penetrated into the center of Shanghai\’s foreheads. With the power of their spiritual consciousness, they quickly scanned the consciousness of the sea.Soon!The six old monsters were surprised, because through the search of the spiritual sense, they did see it. Because the brother was injured, under Shanghai\’s rage, they fought with seven young strong men in the City of All Things, which attracted the attention of the City of All Things. Law discipline.They can even feel the horror of the power of punishment in the memory, thirteen consecutive disciplines, if it weren\’t for Shanghai\’s incomparably powerful physique, they would have been bombarded long ago, and when the fourteenth path fell, there was a sudden change. After he was born, the power of the 13 laws of punishment was all around him, and he was absorbed by him a little bit.Such a scene, even the six well-informed bosses have never seen it. It is too weird, but this weirdness has made their doubts disappear a lot. After all, the laws of the City of All Things are extremely weird, even if they reach the top. At this level of gods, none of them can bear the slightest trace.Obviously, Shanghai has undergone an abnormal change after being punished by the law, which caused him to accidentally break the law of the City of Everything and no longer be punished by the law.There should be nothing wrong with the memory. The six old monsters nodded slightly and slowly collected the spiritual sense, but they did not realize that in the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai, the spiritual sense was completely covering all real memories. , And the memories that have just been revealed are all made of divine thoughts.Shennian was able to modify memory. This was discovered by accident in Shanghai before. He originally thought it was of little use. Later, he suddenly thought of this method. After hard thinking and meditation, he came up with such a method.certainly!

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