\”I don\’t know. We met on the way back. The only unusual thing was that she had been to a small sect called dahuangzong, but it had been destroyed. At that time, she looked at her quite wrong. I didn\’t know if she was a disciple there, and I didn\’t know who she learned her alchemy and array.\” Hua linger knew everything, say all you know and say it without reserve.

After hesitating for a moment, Shanghai nodded slightly, because he felt that Lan Yi did not have the slightest malice. Anyway, he is now behind the Temple of Heaven, and he is not worried about an accident. He immediately moved, following Lan Yi\’s figure, moving away. Scavenge everywhere.After a while!The two came to the top of a lone mountain in the Temple of Qiantian, Lan Yi stood on the top, looking into the distance, but there was no word.Shanghai didn’t bother, glanced at the incomparably moving figure, and then withdrew his gaze, his heart was full of sorrow and sentiment. In the past, he and Lan Yi had an inexplicable intersection, and he was almost killed by him. He should have hated her. , But I don’t know where to start.Because Lao Wudie once said that evil women are controlled by some kind of evil aura, even if they are relatives, they will be killed by them.I thought it might not be possible to meet again in the future, but who would have thought that she would be the first in the Temple of Heaven to be ranked first. Whenever I think about it, Shanghai feels surprised and inexplicable, but fortunately, everything is already Passed.You know me, right?Lan Yi turned his head, on her stunning face, she had a pair of azure blue eyes, like crystals. Although it was not the first time I saw him, Shanghai still couldn\’t help feeling a sense of surprise. Such a look was completely different from the evil appearance of the past. On the contrary, it was as if sleeping in an exquisite jade coffin, full of tranquil beauty.Of course, Shanghai has never seen stunning beauty, and soon recovered. Looking at Lan Yi in front of him, his heart is full of doubts. Did she really forget the past? Maybe it\’s possible, otherwise Lan Yi won\’t come to ask this for no reason.Yeah! Shanghai nodded slightly.Sure enough, you met me. Lan Yi Qiaoyan showed expectation, \”Tell me, where did you meet me? When was it?\”Have you forgotten? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Lan Yi didn\’t answer immediately, her azure blue eyes flashed with confusion, she nodded immediately, and then shook her head, \”I can\’t remember. Since my consciousness recovered, I have been in this dry sky temple. I met the King of the Night God, and he brought me under the sect and taught me the method of cultivation, but I couldn’t remember who I was. Finally, I didn’t know my name until the memory was restored. But where did it come from? forget……\”Speaking of the back, Lan Yi smiled bitterly, \”You may not understand the feeling of knowing that you have some special memories, but you can’t remember… This feeling is too painful, because you don’t know, so you think I know, but there is no way to know.\”I can understand! Shanghai felt the same way. In fact, he also has this feeling, because he had several memories before the age of eight, but he still couldn\’t understand what happened before the age of eight.And there is a very vague memory of an eight-year-old child stepping out carrying a man and a woman, and behind him is a huge star field burst, released by the ruined sky The Might of Destruction, this inexplicable memory is very vague, but the eight-year-old child made him feel the familiarity of the same origin.But after a long time, Shanghai still has no extra memory. Just now, when the scratch of the Thunder God Emperor appeared, he felt a sense of inexplicable familiarity. This feeling is just like what Lan Yi described, you know I have some special memories, but I can\’t remember them.Shanghai can understand this kind of pain.When did you see me? Lan Yi asked involuntarily.The first time I saw you, it was in the Linglong Jade Coffin… Shanghai said.

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