\”But at the young Lord\’s command,\” shangguandian and shangguanhua saluted together.

You say we are shameless?Boy, do you believe this saint will kill you now? the three old monsters said angrily.If you want to kill or kill, I think I\’m inferior to you, but that\’s just because my realm is lower than yours. If I can reach the same realm as you, the three of you may not be my opponent if you join forces. Shanghai said loudly.Don\’t be ashamed!Achieve my level? Boy, what do you think you are, even if you practice for a thousand years, you may not be able to reach my level.Yes, if you have the patience, you can defeat us at this level, so that our Three Sages will be convinced by you.The three old monsters said one after another.Listening to the words of these three bosses, Shanghai suddenly realized that things are turning for the better. These three bosses obviously cannot be treated with common sense. The three lunatics are exactly the same as the man surnamed Mo said. They are three lunatics. You can\’t reason with them, you have to motivate them.Okay, then do you dare to gamble with me? Shanghai said in a deep voice.At this time!The power of the attack disappeared, and the three old monsters put away, but they still alternated their bodies constantly, it was difficult to distinguish their faces.bet?Interesting, I like to gamble.What are you betting on?The three old monsters let out a weird laugh.Shanghai\’s eyes flickered, and he was finally able to win a chance to breathe, and immediately stretched out a finger, \”Give me a year, I will defeat you, how about?\”What if you lose?Well, if you lose, how about your kid staying with us in this dark prison from now on?This is fine, I like it.The three old monsters said one after another.

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