Jane Xi didn\’t know that her whole refining process fell into the eyes of an ordinary old man standing aside. He was the \”Qinhuai road\” President of the branch of the Dan Teachers Association.

Staring at the mysterious gas for a long time, Shanghai decided to put it away first, then leave here, and then slowly figure out its origin.As soon as he stretched out his hand, the trace of mysterious gas seemed to be sensed, and rushed towards Shanghai. Seeing the mysterious gas surge, Shanghai\’s complexion instantly changed, and his heart screamed badly. He knew very well the mysterious gas. It was terrible. Once he was touched, he would definitely end up not much better than Situ Ding.However, the mysterious gas came too suddenly and the speed was too fast. Shanghai wanted to avoid it. Suddenly the ancient meaning that emerged from above covered the surroundings, and Shanghai\’s body suddenly stiffened and was no longer able to move. Watching the mysterious gas rush into his body.It\’s over…Shanghai\’s heart was instantly ashamed. If it were to encounter other crises, there would still be a glimmer of life to fight for, but now all the vitality is completely blocked, and you can only watch the mysterious gas penetrate into the body, violently tearing the painful transmission. Come.what……This kind of severe pain is not only physical pain, but also soul pain. Shanghai now finally understands how Situ Ding died. Not to mention that his whole body was drained of vitality in a flash, every nerve was rapidly collapsing. Broken, and the soul is being torn apart.In the blink of an eye, Shanghai\’s body has reached the level of complete necrosis. This is because he has the ancient demon sacrament that can resist it. If he were replaced by other cultivators, it would have long been turned into ashes.suddenly!Shihai Neihong exploded with an astonishing aura, the soul of Shanghai sat cross-legged, hands facing the sky, and exhaled, the Nine Deaths Immortal Art slowly began to operate, and the pain caused by that mysterious gas quickly subsided.Shanghai, which originally thought that he was about to fall, suddenly felt that his body no longer hurts, and his mind quickly sank into his body. When he saw the mysterious gas hovering in his own sea of ​​qi, he couldn’t help but startled. In the sea, motionless.What\’s going on? Shanghai\’s heart was full of confusion. He could feel that the mysterious gas did not attack him anymore, but settled in his own sea of ​​gas, which made him quite puzzled, just like the original A terrible enemy wanted to kill himself, but stopped at the last critical moment, and shook hands with himself so strangely.Is it the magic of the nine deaths?Shanghai recalled the scene just now. When the mysterious gas was about to completely turn himself into fly ashes, the Nine Death Magic was launched. Although he didn\’t feel anything strange, he was certain that it might be the existence of the Nine Death Magic. The mysterious gas remained in his body.However, he was still a little relieved. After all, this mysterious gas was too terrifying. Such a fierce thing was in his body, and he might be transformed into awe-inspiring moments. If the Nine Deaths Immortal Technique couldn\’t suppress it, wouldn\’t he face it again? Fallen crisis?The mind slowly plunged into the vicinity of the sea of ​​qi. Shanghai was not too close to fear that the mysterious gas suddenly rushed out, but as the mind slowly penetrated, the mysterious gas did not move at all. Shanghai hesitated and decided to go deeper. Some.And when the mind touched the mysterious gas, Shanghai\’s heart couldn\’t help but tremble, and a strong joy suddenly surged. That mysterious gas was tamed by myself. This has to be said to be an accident. Suddenly, it was melted into the mysterious gas.This is……Shanghai accidentally discovered that the mysterious gas is composed of two parts. One is the potential core, that is, its origin, which contains ancient meanings. This part is basically not consumed, and the second part is The power of the mysterious gas, which is the most terrifying part of it, can be consumed.Although there is only one strand, Shanghai can feel that once the horror of that mysterious power is released, even the god king can be killed instantly. Of course, it can only be used once, because once this strand of power is used, Will run out.

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