Thirty spirit beads were paid to the coachman. The coachman left with a satisfied smile, and Zhang Rong led Jian Xi to the door of the Danshi tower, which is much larger than the Danshi guild in yanjiabao and Qingcheng, just across the road.

He will be fine, he must be waiting for us somewhere, don\’t worry. Bi Yuelan comforted, saying so, but she still couldn\’t help worrying, she even worried that Shanghai had… the thoughts together, she immediately Cut off this idea, she didn\’t dare to think about it anymore, so she would rather believe that Shanghai is still alive, and it must be somewhere in the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace.But Brother Hao… Mu Ningxue\’s eyes were full of tears, and she was naturally afraid that Shanghai would have an accident.Now that no one has seen it, I can’t be sure. Don’t think too much. Let’s protect ourselves first. If we don’t even protect ourselves, if an accident happens, when he comes back, wouldn’t it be sad for us? Bi Yuelan said seriously.Sister Yuelan is right. Well, we must protect ourselves first, and we can\’t always be the drag of Brother Hao. Mu Ningxue nodded repeatedly.Boom…The two women continued to join forces.At this time!Two figures are moving forward quickly, one of them is filled with illusions like the sky, endless star fields converge on him, this person is no one else, it is the Holy Heaven Emperor, wherever he passed, the ice crystal beasts were shattered into powder one after another. , Even those who were culled were shattered on the spot.The other person was covered with black electric glows, and he was an ancient king. These electric glows resembled mad dragons, raging in its hundreds of meters, forming a huge black electric ball. Wherever it passed, the earth sank and the ice crystals were huge. The beast was also torn to pieces by the black mad electricity.The aura released by the two of them is extremely astonishing, even if the other strong people can\’t help but become disillusioned.Although the two Holy Heaven Emperors started from different directions, they were moving in the same direction, and the place they were referring to was exactly where the main emperor weapon halberd was.The emperor Sheng Tianzhi and others naturally realized what the two were going to do, undoubtedly intending to compete for the main imperial weapon halberd. With this thing in hand, these ice crystal behemoths rushing in would not pose any threat.Staring at both the Emperor Shengtian and the ancient king, the emperor Shengtianzhi\’s pretty face moved slightly.More and more ice crystal beasts are pouring in, and there are already some strong men who are overwhelmed and desperately trying to find a way. As for the battle for the main imperial weapon halberd, they are simply not sure.suddenly!There was a whistling sound in the distance, and only a huge figure swept in.Ice Charm…The expressions of Mo Yu and the others changed instantly. This Ice Charm was similar to the one at the entrance before, maybe the same one. At that time, the nine gods could not kill it, not to mention the people present.Speed ​​leaves here.No! It didn\’t come… Qianye Liu frowned slightly, and saw that the ice charm appeared, but instead of rushing, it hovered in place.

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