While thinking, a sound came up: \”senior, Zhang Rong has inquired. Please follow me.\” Zhang Rong has appeared at the door of the box. Jane Xi took back her thoughts and turned to follow Zhang Rong towards a corridor.

The Silver Armor Primordial God and Demon was furious, patted his right hand out, and the hall shook violently, and barriers continued to emerge, as if it were about to collapse.Feeling the horror of this blow, Ling Xuan Sword gritted its teeth, and the black giant sword in his hand stood horizontally in front of his chest.Snapped……The big hand imprinted on the black giant sword of the main emperor weapon, the extremely terrifying power shook the Lingxuan sword pale as paper, but the emperor patterns on the black giant sword were constantly intertwined, resisting this terrifying power. If it weren\’t for this main emperor weapon, and replaced with the previous giant sword, Ling Xuan Sword estimated that he would not be able to stop the blow at all, and he would definitely die in the end.Seeing that the shot only caused the Spirit Profound Sword to slip back, the Silver Armored Primordial God and Demon immediately slapped it off again. With a loud bang, the Spirit Profound Sword was shattered again under the shaking of the hall, and his face became paler. And the Emperor Rune that permeated the top was about to be shattered.It\’s not that the power of the main emperor weapon is not enough, but the realm of the spiritual profound sword is lower, and it cannot fully urge the power of the main emperor weapon black giant sword. If it reaches the level of the seventh world respect, with this main emperor tool black giant sword, The Lingxuan Sword is fully capable of fighting the Silver Armor Primordial Gods and Demons.Qiang Qiang…There was a burst of amazing sound of the piano, and I saw that Bi Yuelan also shot, and the seven sounds of the god qin were flowing, and under her urging, they played a stronger force. The seven strings gathered together and turned into a more. The big Deshen Qin, the cover pressed against the Silver Armor Primordial God and Demon.At the same time, Ming Yuyan also shot. Under the jade hand flipped, the crystal clear Henggu Sage lotus turned out one after another, and the sacred lotus shot out one after another, and finally gathered into a huge unopened Henggu Sage. The lotus, together with the goddess of destruction, pressed down.Feeling the strength of the two girls of Bi Yuelan, Liman and others on the side were shocked. They didn\’t expect the strength of these two girls to be so terrifying, much higher than that of the Ling Xuan Sword.boom……Two terrifying powers smashed on the silver armored ancient gods and demons, and the surrounding ancient gods and demons and the strong retreated. Because the aftermath of these two forces impacted, the power was so terrible, even they had to use their power. To resist.After the smoke disappeared, a huge body emerged, and the silver armor ancient gods and demons were still standing on the spot, but at this moment his body was half larger than the original, his face was even more hideous, and the silver armor was broken, but these The fragments did not disappear, but turned into silver liquid, flowing around him.what……The two girls of Biyuelan were shocked, and under their joint efforts, they were unable to severely injure this silver armored ancient god and demon, not even a single injury… You must know that they have been in seclusion for a hundred years, and their strength has reached the limit of the sixth world. Now, the strength is more than twice as strong as before.Can\’t even shake this silver armor ancient god and demon…Very well, you are very good. I used the body of the gods and demons. I will make you more painful…especially for you two… One glance, one stepIt took only one step, but it contained a suffocating vigor, and the residence shook further away.call out……The black giant sword pierced out, and under the full force of the Lingxuan sword, a stronger emperor pattern broke out. This is his strongest power. Even the god king will be beheaded, but this sword is silver A Primordial God and Demon patted his hand crookedly, and the power of the attack released by him was completely endured by his body.

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