\”Oh? Yeah! Unexpectedly, this backward and uncivilized low-level continent doesn\’t know the reputation of my Qijie family. Hum! Let\’s come here to play. The things here are really not good. Let\’s go and have a look at the nice voice. The Master goes.\” Qijie tree got up and smiled coldly. He was about to go out, but the next moment he turned to the old man in black and said: \”Uncle Zhou, you keep an eye on me from Ouyang Yan. The daughter of a sect leader of Xuantian sect dares to say good-bye to my young master. She is really impatient. If it weren\’t for the young master, I think her little face looks good, and she thought she could cool her face in front of me. Hum! Toast and don\’t punish me.\” Qijie tree was arrogant.

Take the heaven and earth as the board, the layout is eternal, I am waiting in this world, what is it if it is not a chess piece? Now that the general trend is coming, this shocking overall situation has already come to the back, the breath of Emperor Huntian has appeared, and Yao Zhizun also rules The immemorial gods and demons are clearly beginning to end. It is estimated that soon, when the shocking game ends… and I will become a chess piece, will… The Emperor Tianyu said here, and paused. Tone.What will happen?The golden armor man\’s heart hung in his throat, even as a quasi-divine emperor, he couldn\’t help being shocked when he heard this shocking remark.The end of the chess pieces, isn\’t it that they were finally abandoned? The Emperor Tianyu flipped it over. Three black jade pieces were in his hands. Although they looked complete, they had completely split. With a gust of wind blowing, the black chess pieces Dissolved, flying ashes rose.give up……The golden armor man’s face became extremely ugly. Although he didn’t want to admit it, this was a shocking secret revealed by the Heavenly Emperor God. What about many creatures?but……God Emperor Tianyu said: \”The situation of heaven and earth has undergone some unexpected changes. Although it is very subtle, this slight change is a great opportunity for me.\”Chance?Heaven and earth are the game. Although the Emperor Huntian and others are chess holders, they can\’t get out of the game. In this game, the chess pieces and the chess holdersIn between, it can also be replaced. In the past, there was one who changed from a chess piece to a chess holder, almost in control of the game of heaven and earth. God Emperor Tianyu sighed.who is it?Taozu from the beginning.It was him…Um!God Emperor Tianyu nodded, and immediately said: \”An emperor and a supreme have already appeared, and I got news from the upper heavens of God\’s Domain. Another supreme seems to have been born, and I must open the fairyland as soon as possible. Waiting will always be reduced to pawns.\”Yes!After answering the answer, the man in golden armor withdrew from the main hall.Watching the golden armored man leave, the Tianyu God Emperor\’s expression revealed a slight strangeness, and he disappeared in no time….

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