My sister-in-law is awake. Are you hungry? I\’ll cook for you now. Li Chengyue opened the lid of the still burning stove, added water to the small iron pot, sat on it, and then turned and went out.

Master True Demon? Shanghai frowned.My lord said, your Lord Lin will know if we go with us. said one of the female demons.Okay, trouble to lead the way. Shanghai nodded.The two female demons casually pointed, the void was pierced, and a deep channel of demons emerged. One of the demons led the way while the other was waiting. When they stepped onto the channel of the demons in Shanghai, the one in the back The banshee just kept up.I don\’t know how long I have traveled. After walking through the tunnel of demons, under the guidance of the two female demons, I came to a unique courtyard.Brother Lin is here. I haven\’t seen him for many years. Brother Lin shouldn\’t be unharmed. A slightly weak voice came, and then the void broke open, and a woman wearing a golden feather palace gauze emerged, that stunningly beautiful. His face and the blue pupils are unforgettable at first sight.Shanghai froze for a moment, and then he said: \”Who am I? It turned out to be Miss Yan.\” The former Tianyi saint Yan Ruyu, but the real identity is the princess of the Huanghuang clan, who once had a relationship with Shanghai. .After the upheaval in the Middle Wilderness, the Phoenix clan was nowhere to be found. Shanghai thought that the Phoenix Clan was destroyed. After encountering Sen Luo not long ago, he learned that the Phoenix Clan, like the rest of the Middle Wilderness powerhouses, was taken to the demon lair, and quite a few. The strong have been inspired by the blood of the demon and become a demon completely.The appearance of Yan Ruyu surprised Shanghai, because Yan Ruyu\’s appearance has not changed. Isn\’t it demonized? Impossible, if it hadn\’t been demonized, it would be impossible to drive the two female demons.Brother Lin is guessing if I have been demonized? Yan Ruyu sat down and looked at Shanghai with a smile on his face.Girl Yan is different from other monsters, right? Shanghai said.Well, I have the blood of the demon ancestor, so I am different from other demon beasts. To me, the appearance can be changed at any time, but I still like the previous appearance. Yan Ruyu said.Monster… Shanghai frowned, and it was the first time he heard this name.It is the ancestor of the demon. In the legend of the demon, the demon ancestor has the power to reach the sky and the world. With the power of one person, he created the demon clan. The four emperors are one of the descendants of the demon ancestor, but they are not pure. Descendants of, and I am also one of them. Yan Ruyu said.Chapter 1645 Strange SceneOne of them, the emperor…Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly.I am not an emperor, even if I am descendants of the demon ancestors, it depends on what kind of blood line I have. The four emperors have the blood of the emperor-level demon body, which is the strongest bloodline of the battle body under the demon ancestor. In addition to the imperial-level monster body, there are also the body of the demon mother, the body of the demon soul consciousness, and the body of the king-level bloodline. Various bloodlines are different, and the most common is the body of the king-level bloodline, almost all monsters Kings, all have this kind of blood. Yan Ruyu said.Hearing this, Shanghai was surprised, but he didn\’t expect that the bloodline of this demon ancestor would have so many differences.Oh? What kind of blood is that girl Yan? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.

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