She didn\’t catch a cold about this kind of thing. She broke half to the old lady and the other half to Li sinang.

In the sky, endless black lights shuttled out, and two beautiful shadows were shaken off, and a ray of blood dripped from the corners of the mouths of the purple fox and Wu Tian.Seeing this scene, Shanghai clenched his fists and was about to get up, but his body strength was lost and his injuries were extremely serious. This was the second most important thing. The key was that the power of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu was arbitrarily destroying in his body. Recovery, unless this force is dispelled.But this power is too terrifying. If Shanghai hadn\’t had ten dragon scales to maintain its body, it would have been shattered long ago.At this time, the sky suddenly condensed, and only a series of terrifying black vortexes emerged. In the center of this black vortex, the first demon emperor Zhe Yu looked down at all the black scales that were all over the whole body without expression. Extremely destructive power emerged.suddenly!The distant stars and star fields were pulled over, and the power contained in the black vortex was extremely terrifying, and no one could resist it, no matter it was a strong man in the human world, a demon, or even a demon king. .I saw the creatures shrouded in the black vortex, instantly incinerated into fly ash by the black flame, and even their souls were not spared.Do not……Shanghai\’s expression changed, his eyes turned to Grandpa and the others, and he shouted anxiously: \”Grandpa, you guys go quickly, don\’t stay here.\”Ling Zhantian and the others had already noticed that the black vortex was shrouded in them, and quickly gathered everyone and quickly retreated from here. But their speed is far from being comparable to the black vortex, and seeing the black vortex is about to swallow them.No…no…no…Shanghai roared again and again, eyes filled with tears, and his fists were squeezed tightly, but he still couldn\’t move. At this moment, how much he hates himself, in order to not have enough strength to compete with the first demon emperor Zheyu , Why can only watch grandpa and others in danger, but can\’t rescue them.suddenly!The fairyland emerged, and Mu Ningxue, Ling Zhantian and others, all received income into the fairyland.At the same time, Wu Tian and Zihu joined forces and appeared in front of Wonderland. The fairy posture dances continuously, and waves of colored waves surging out, containing the trembling mystery and magnificence, and all the laws of the sky are all integrated into one.The dragon scales of the purple fox trembled, and saw a series of dragon scales detached and turned into a real dragon, with a roar that shook the sky and rushed towards the black vortexes.The power of the two half-god emperors collided with the black vortex, erupting a terrifying wave, a wave of power shattered an unknown number of stars, the aftermath swept through, and countless creatures were strangled. And the vitality of these creatures, unknowingly, fell into the world of heaven and earth, infecting the entire world of heaven and earth into blood red.blocked!Wu Tian and Zihu teamed up to block the black vortex, but the constant surging power made the two girls\’ pretty faces pale, and their bodies trembled slightly. Obviously, they had reached their limit.The power of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu is getting stronger and stronger. After taking shape, his strength has been rising, and it has far exceeded the level of the god emperor. If it weren\’t for Wu Tian and Zihu who possessed the charm of the god emperor, I am afraid that he would not be able to hit it with a single blow. Next, it was already very reluctant to be able to block the black vortex at this moment.

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