Well, second sister, please help me carry it in. Li Siyu carried the things on his back and gave her the remaining two bags.

So far, we only doubt, but we don\’t rule out their suspicion related to it. If they still have help, it\’s not impossible. What do you say, boss Qiu? LV Qiang himself didn\’t believe that with two young men and women, he could destroy the more than 20 people, but the boss ordered him to do what he was told to do. After all, he was the boss and everything he said was reasonable. \”As for the benefits, I heard from the boss that you don\’t have contact with our border business, so I can\’t give you any benefits in this regard. However, the border business of Jia family is small business. I see that boss Qiu is also a martial artist, and there are three levels of cultivation the day after tomorrow? I don\’t know if there are any bottlenecks on the fourth level of Jin rank the day after tomorrow, Jia My family is a family that inherits martial arts. I have something given by my boss. I\’m sure boss Qiu will like it. \”Lv Qiang took an exquisite leather bag from his hand, opened it and took out a exquisite and small jade box from it. Only to see that the jade box itself is of good quality. Qiu Feng took the jade box and opened it. There was a pill the size of peanut kernel in it. The white pill sent out a fragrance. Qiu Feng seemed to feel that his cultivation on the third floor of the day after tomorrow was a little loose. He couldn\’t help beating his heart. He thought he would return to Beijing for a while and hand in meritorious deeds in exchange for one, so that he could be more sure of entering the Jin level to the middle level of the day after tomorrow, but he didn\’t think about it At this moment, the pill is close at hand. \”Jade dew pill?\” Qiu Feng\’s heart is already a little hot at the moment. Although Dagang behind doesn\’t know the value of this pill, he already feels the boss\’s heart when he sees Qiu Feng\’s slightly undulating shoulders. \”Of course, this jade dew pill is just a little bit of the Jia family\’s wish for boss Qiu. In addition, we will reward the brothers with 5 million yuan, which will not make them work in vain. Are you satisfied with boss Qiu?\” Lv Qiang has seen Qiu Feng\’s reaction and has a certain assurance in his heart. At this time, Jia Lei\’s eyes were very disdainful. \”I don\’t know how much this pill I took. Just one pill will make Qiu Feng so, hum, no insight –\”. He never thought that he was a genius of the Jia family. At the age of 35, he had entered Jin congenital. No matter how he entered Jin, he was so old after all. The future development space was very broad. The owner of the Jia family was his own grandfather. He advanced very quickly since he was a child in martial arts. Therefore, the Jia family did not hesitate to pay him a heavy price. The Jia family was treated like him. He was the only one, Even the dead Jia Feng and Jia Yun have no talent in martial arts. Although they treat others well, they are not a little worse than Jia Lei. At least, there is no unlimited supply of pills for tianxiuwei in the future. Whenever they encounter the bottle neck, they will have two \”jade dew pills\” to break through, It takes more than two elders to confirm the truth before it can be given. This is also the reason why Jia Feng and Jia Yun brothers have always been unconvinced by Jia Lei. They don\’t follow the path of authentic martial arts. By picking Yin and tonifying yang and the accumulation of pills, even a pig can provide almost the same, but who makes their grandfather not the owner? Chapter 108 Qiu Feng\’s guests (III) First of all, no matter how aggrieved Jia Feng and Jia Yun were, Qiu Feng was very excited to take this \”jade dew pill\” in front of him. He didn\’t see the five million yuan. Qiu Feng breathed deeply for a few times before he calmed down a lot. There is no doubt that he is only a peripheral member of the forces behind him. If he wants to obtain this pill, he must accumulate a lot of meritorious deeds before he can get it. But until now, he was still a little short, but unexpectedly, someone put this pill in front of him in order to investigate two children. \”To be honest, Qiu is very moved by such a price. Although he doesn\’t understand why the Jia family can issue such a price to investigate the two children, Qiu doesn\’t need to push the immediate interests out of the door, does he?\” Qiu Feng doesn\’t hide his emotions any more. He has promised, and he\’s not afraid to show his real intention. \”Hahaha, well, boss Qiu is really a happy man, so how to arrange his men will bother boss Qiu. However, we need to report regularly every day, including everything about these two people. We all need to know.\” Lv Qiang seems to laugh very boldly, but he doesn\’t forget the results he wants to know. \”OK, it\’s a deal,\” Qiu Feng said decisively. \”Well, it\’s a deal. This\’ jade dew pill \’is our deposit. Boss Qiu, just take it directly, five million, and pay it after it\’s done. What do you think?\” Lv Qiang didn\’t get lucky and generously took back the\’ jade dew pill \’. He did a good job. Since Qiu Feng dared to take the pill, he\’s not afraid of his repentance. But they didn\’t know that Qiu Feng had known Cang Xinyu and Jian Xi for a long time. And I appreciate Xinyu very much, but he is busy. I haven\’t seen him since I met Dagang after dinner. However, Dagang keeps passing on the news to him. So he still knows something about Xinyu, but at the moment he doesn\’t reveal it at all. Jalai and Lv Qiang also believe that as long as this Qiu Feng is interested in \”Yu Lu Dan\”, then he is not afraid of not doing things for them, and they will also let Yu Hong stare at Qiu Feng at the same time, and look for some faces to enter the western district to investigate secretly. Two pronged approach, not afraid of no results in such a short time. I\’m not afraid of Qiu Feng. He doesn\’t play. Yu Hong, as long as he is still in the drug business, he will be inseparable from the Jia family. Therefore, Jia Lei and LV Qiang are not worried about this. Next, the two sides discussed some unimportant subsequent details. Jia Lei, LV Qiang and Yu Hong took people away. Qiu Feng, of course, warmly welcomed him to the door of the hotel. Qiu Feng was also stingy about this matter of face.

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