Li Chengcai had no doubt, nodded, stopped asking, and followed her home.

After a while, the six people gathered together and asked their parents to wait for a while. Then they got together and talked about the exam. By the way, they almost compared their answers with Jane Xi\’s answers. They cheered for a while. In case of a wrong question and another scream, their parents understood and agreed with their behavior, So they didn\’t bother. They waited quietly and anxiously for their children. Chapter 217 college entrance examination (III) But on the whole, everyone was very satisfied with their estimation of the most important exam. Even the girl with glasses who had the least courage smiled. Although she was shy, Jane Xi also felt so beautiful. The girl\’s mother saw her daughter\’s expression a few steps away. Listening to what she said to the answer, she also saw that her daughter played quite well in the exam, and her heart was much more secure. Several other parents are in the same mood. After watching their children\’s answers, they still look elated. They are already sophisticated. Of course, they know that it seems that their children should do well in the exam. This is a good sign, and their mood is relaxed. Jane Xi has been talking to them about the answers. She is preparing to leave and go home to reassure the two old people. At this time, she received a call from Xin Wei: \”Jane Xi, where is it?\” \”I\’m still at the school gate. What\’s up?\” \”The teacher just told us to go back to school and have the last class meeting.\” Wang Xinwei\’s voice was also relaxed. \”Oh, OK, I\’ll go to school now. I\’ll see you at school later.\” \”OK, see you later.\” Jane Xi put down the phone and walked in the direction of the school. There are so many people and cars here. There are taxi candidates and parents everywhere, so you can\’t get a taxi. You have to go to a place with few cars first. \”Jianxi -\” a cry stopped Jianxi and turned her head to follow the voice. \”Brother Quan Hai?\” said Jane Xi in surprise. She has jumped the grade with Feng Quanhai, the son of Feng Dongcheng, director of the Construction Bureau. Of course, she also participates in the college entrance examination. Feng Quanhai is also in Hongzhi class of No. 1 middle school, but in class 2. They often meet when they are in school. However, Jane took the exam for two days and didn\’t see this classmate who seemed to be in the same examination room until the end. \”Where are you going? Let my father take you?\” Feng Quanhai invited. \”Yes, Xi\’er. Uncle Feng is just going to send Quan Hai back to school. Where are you going? Get in the car and go together.\” Feng Dongcheng has pulled over and Feng Quanhai has got out of the car and invited Jian Xi. \”I also went back to school. The teacher asked us to go back to school for the last class meeting.\” Jane Xi replied with a smile. \”That\’s just right. You two come up together,\” Feng Dongcheng listened. Said with a loud smile. \”That\’s all right.\” without giving in, Jian Xi opened the rear door and got on the car. Feng Quanhai sat in the co pilot. Feng Dongcheng started the car, walked slowly through the crowd and drove towards No. 1 middle school. On the bus, Jane Xi reported her grandparents, Jane Xinyan, and Yuan\’s father and mother about her exams. And let them feel at ease. Beijing University must have no problem. She\’s going to school now. Let them not worry. When she finished calling, Feng Dongcheng smiled while driving and said, \”Xi\’er. It seems that you did well in the exam this time and are ready to go to Beijing University?\” \”Well, yes! I\’ve planned to go there for a long time. After all, it\’s one of the most famous universities in China. I\’m looking forward to it, so I\’m going to apply there.\” Jane Xi replied with a smile. Her impression of Feng Dongcheng is still very good. At least it\’s thousands of times better than Mowei. Sometimes she also wondered why the very normal father love of others disappeared when they came to Mowei, It has become a luxury that is expected but not required.

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