Hearing this, Li Siyu smiled, Mom, this is for you to drink. You\’re not in good health these days. You have to make it up.

However, the next moment, the old man calmed down in the light cough of the host. The strength of the old man was unfathomable. It was not the highest friars who could be explored only during the foundation period. It was just a slight cough, coupled with the invisible pressure emanating from his body, that made everyone shut up. Yuchi Lin, the head of Yuchi\’s family, smiled and was very happy. Although he was only shuanglinggen and entered Haoyi gate, Yuchi Xingjia, who had a family of single Linggen, entered the ice cold palace, and Yuchi Xingkai, who had double Linggen, entered the Qinghong building. Although they didn\’t like it, he was also one of the top ten stations. Yuchi Lin\’s happy smile made Huo Lailiang, the owner of the Huo family, turn his mouth slightly, squint at the old man and say, \”I said, Yuchi, what are you happy about?\” \”Ho Ho, old Huo, I\’m not happy. Xingjia and Xingkai have finally settled down and practiced in the top ten sects. I\’m not happy. One is a core disciple and the other is an inner disciple. I think the path of cultivation will be much smoother in the future!\” Yuchi Lin said happily without any discomfort. They are old friends for many years, I always talk so casually. \”Yes! Our Qingdong and Qingling are also good! Qingdong single Linggen entered Qinghong building, and Qingling double Linggen entered Xuannv palace, but – weichi old son, you said that all our children entered Qinghong building. Why do I have no good impression of Qinghong building? I\’m afraid that the child will go astray after entering!\” Huo Lailiang was a little worried. \”Who says no, but we can\’t stop them? I said and advised, but it didn\’t work. Xingkai\’s smelly boy insisted on entering Qinghong building. I hope they will be smooth sailing in the future and won\’t be assimilated by that environment.\” Yuchi Lin also looked helpless. \”Yes! I hope these two smelly boys can remember our words and don\’t look at their roots. Fortunately, Qingling\’s little girl entered Xuannv palace, which is safer than some male disciples. We are too unfamiliar with the world and can\’t give them corresponding protection. It\’s not comparable to being in Kunyuan!\” Huo Lailiang\’s face was filled with helplessness, Huo Qingdong is only Jin Linggen\’s excellent qualification. How can he choose Qinghong Lou, a sect that can only live in the dark? Even if he chooses the arrogant Taibai sword sect? The conversation between the two people was carried out in the sound transmission. They did not dare to whisper recklessly in front of so many high-level friars. They were helpless, happy and sighed. The Jane family and the Fang family are the same, transmitting sounds to each other. \”Dad, mom, are you really going to the Danting sect?\” Jian Xinyan knew that the matter had been settled, but she was still a little worried. Going to Xuannv palace was a kind of protection for her parents. There were all women there. Let the old couple feel at ease about their daughter\’s safety. Jian Xinyan is the core disciple. Such treatment will not be worse. Without the harassment of men, at least in some aspects, they feel at ease. Because before they got off the huge ship, they had heard the talking voice of the monks who watched the excitement. What is this woman\’s outstanding appearance. The qualification is also good. It\’s really a good furnace tripod for double repair. If you have the opportunity, you must grab the red naked naked dialogue and see that your daughter\’s appearance is so excellent. The qualification is also an excellent single water spirit root. The key accomplishments are still very low. If you practice in male cultivation, you can\’t be favored by some people, which leads to some dangers. Therefore, you insist on letting your daughter enter the Xuannv palace. That\’s why. \”Xin Yan, I don\’t want to be separated from your father. What would your father do if I followed you to Xuannv palace? Anyway, it\’s all in Dehua mainland and among the top ten sects. The Danding sect is also a good sect. Your father and I are both internal disciples. We can\’t afford to lose anything. Don\’t worry! Besides, when I was on earth with your father, we already sympathized with him I\’ve learned a lot of alchemy knowledge, and I\’m not unfamiliar with alchemy, so don\’t worry about my parents. If I have a chance, we\’ll see you again. If I have high cultivation, my voice will be heavier. So you should strive to improve your strength and strive for the opportunity to meet my parents. We\’re far away from home now. It\’s not as peaceful as the environment at home, even those The so-called war, for us now, is also a small fight. No one can easily affect our safety, but not here. You must have a relatively safe cultivation environment before you grow up. Good children, when your parents are not around, pay attention to your safety, make fewer enemies and practice more. \”Fang Ruoyu said a lot of instructions, But he always felt that it was not enough. Jian Dongjian didn\’t know what his mother and daughter were talking about, but he guessed it. He just kept silent. \”Mom, I know. I\’ll try my best to practice. My accomplishments are high. I\’m going to go out to find Xi\’er. I have a feeling that she must be all right. The four members of our family will be reunited at that time.\” Jian Xinyan\’s eyes are red again when she mentioned Jian Xi. She misses her daughter. If she were here, she would go to the Xuannv palace to practice with her daughter, but As soon as Fang Ruoyu heard Jane Xi\’s name, his expression also changed. He quickly lowered his head and endured the tears in his eyes. Xinyu was also not calm. When Xinyu entered the ice cold palace, the environment and skills were most suitable for him, but yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother couldn\’t. yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother had almost the same choice as Jian Dongjian. They didn\’t want to delay their children and they didn\’t want to separate, so they chose the weapon sect together. Yuan\’s father had a strong practical ability and loved the art of refining weapons, But yuan Ma didn\’t have any special hobbies. She just didn\’t want to separate from Yuan\’s father, so she entered the Qizong with him. Similarly, after they were determined, they also thought of Jian Xi. The three members of the family know that Jian Xi is actually yuan Caiyi, the former daughter, but the child is plagued with disasters. Why did such a thing happen at this critical time. At the thought of this, Xin Yu flashed a trace of hatred in Fang Ailong\’s eyes. Fang Ailong seemed to feel it and turned to Xin Yu standing behind two ice cold palace elders in white. Xinyu didn\’t dodge Fang Ailong\’s eyes, and his hatred didn\’t converge at all. Fang Ailong could easily read the contents. All the time, he knew that Jian Xi and Xinyu had a very good relationship. He once thought they would be precocious lovers, but after a long time, they were not very similar. He didn\’t know why they were so close. Seeing Xinyu\’s hate eyes, he understood that it was because of Jian Xi, but he didn\’t want to do all this. He thought again that if there was no Jian Xi, he and his brother would have been dead?

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