I didn\’t bring him less cakes and dumplings before.

He just wanted to take two steps, but a voice next to him grabbed him, \”two Taoist friends, I really thank you today. Why don\’t you be the host today? Please come to the Juxian building over there to show your gratitude\”. The man in royal clothes didn\’t expect that a woman would settle the matter soon. I don\’t know how she persuaded the former female practitioner to agree to the compensation opinion. You know, the former female practitioner was unwilling to let go. But although it seems that the woman in front of her is very wronged, how can she always feel strange in her heart. He looked thoughtfully at the tearful little white flower like woman in front of him, and then looked at the scattered crowd. If he heard right, he seemed to hear someone in the crowd say, \”this female monk surnamed Gao\’s play was so good that he really cheated those two fools.\”. How could anyone say they were fools? No, someone said two more words, but there was a lot of discussion in the crowd, and I don\’t know who said it, but he looked down at Gao Shuang next to him, and just saw the sinister look Gao Shuang\’s eyes aimed at the crowd. How could that look make people so uncomfortable and so terrible? It\’s difficult to say that our brothers are really troubled today? The spirit stone is not a problem for them, but if it is, it really makes a big joke. If you go back to the door, you can\’t make people laugh to death. It\’s hard for you to refute what they said. You really have too little experience outside. The man in black smiled and said, \”you\’re welcome, you\’re welcome.\” Hun didn\’t see the fleeting difference in Gao Shuang\’s eyes. Just when he opened his mouth and was about to agree to Gao Shuang\’s request, the man in royal clothes pulled him over and said, \”Taoist Gao, since the matter is over, there\’s nothing for us. We have something else to do, so we\’ll say goodbye.\”. Then he took the man in black with his mouth open to say something and left. Gao Shuang didn\’t expect to get the duck, so she flew. She shouted, \”haven\’t asked your name yet\”. However, they had quickly got into the crowd and disappeared. \”I said, Yuanzi, why did you hold me? Just now people wanted to thank us and invite us to dinner. Why did they pull me away so quickly?\” the man in Black opened his brother\’s hand with some chagrin. \”Lao Lu, I don\’t always think we managed the matter wrong just now. The woman doesn\’t look like a simple person.\” Dou yuan saw that they had crossed several streets and there was a teahouse in front, so he took him into the teahouse and said as he walked. \”How could it be? I said Yuanzi, it\’s clear that the female nun surnamed Gao just now is very poor and has made an apology to others. The one named Yu Shanshan is still reluctant to let go. How can she be wrong?\” Lv Hanbao didn\’t admit it. How poor the female nun surnamed Gao is! \”You didn\’t see it just now. Many people in the crowd said that we were fools, and the look in the eyes of the female nun surnamed Gao was ouch, ouch, poisonous. I\’m afraid we\’re really kind to do bad things this time. I\’m afraid we have too little experience going out and will suffer losses, so I quickly pulled you away. If someone sticks it, it\’ll be annoying.\” I have to say, Compared with the two, the sinus edge is still smarter. Although they may have too little experience, they know brain analysis and timely avoidance. And LV Hanbao was one track minded, but out of his trust in his brother, although he still didn\’t understand, he was no longer uncomfortable and listened to his brother\’s opinions. The two portable went to the teahouse and enjoyed the street view downstairs while drinking tea. But Gao Shuang was very, very unhappy. She didn\’t get the Phoenix hairpin and was caught by Yu Shanshan. If yu Shanshan\’s cultivation was not the same as her, she didn\’t have the confidence to win. In addition, she didn\’t dare to start in the city, she would have robbed it. That\’s not enough. It\’s easy to have two fools who seem to have a good family background, but I don\’t know what\’s wrong. They ran away before their names were asked. Is his all-round move ineffective? Gao Shuang was puzzled about this and returned to his inn very depressed. The consumption in Danshi city is too high, and the inn is also very expensive. If it had not been heard that the fairy grass secret place was opened and there are talented alchemists from the whole planet, she would not have lived in the city for more than a month.

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