Li Siyu vomited so faintly that he had no strength to apologize. Others were full of complaints.

I said, Jane Xi, can you do it? Don\’t make me ugly. I can\’t see anyone? Ruo Nan highly questioned Jane Xi\’s skill. \”I haven\’t tried. How do you know I can\’t? I really don\’t trust me. I miss you so much in those days when I can\’t see you.\” Jane smiled and fiddled with her hair behind her. Ruo Nan, who was also smiling, flashed a touch of emotion in Jian Xi\’s eyes where she couldn\’t see it, but then he covered it up. \”Then I\’ll see what you do with my hair.\” if the man\’s tone returns to the previous ridicule. \”Well, OK, Yuanyuan, hold this for me first.\” Jane Xi handed a sharp comb to Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan obediently took it over. She was also full of curiosity about Jane Xi\’s craft and looked carefully at what Jane Xi did. When Ruo man came to a floor mirror on the grass, he saw such a beauty. The first half of his hair was combed to the top of the back of his head by Jane Xi and rolled into a simple bun, which was fixed with Beaded Flowers. Because of the curly hair, the bun was very fluffy, while most of his beautiful hair was draped on his back, and the hair in the first half, which was easy to appear messy, was combed, There is beautiful hair with waves in the back, but it is very beautiful in the back. In fact, this hair is really simple. If a man can comb it himself, he just doesn\’t know how to do it on weekdays. If a man usually just combs a ponytail, although it\’s OK, he\’s more like a boy here. Wasted her charming temperament in vain, because the tail looked more heroic. Looking at her rose pink robe, the same series of pearls and earrings, and her cloud like hair behind her shoulders, Yuanyuan couldn\’t help shouting, \”how beautiful!\” \”Jane Xi, in fact, I can comb this hair myself. It\’s so simple! I didn\’t expect it and didn\’t dare to do it. Hey hey, but it\’s really good-looking. Alas, it\’s still good. How to make it look good.\” Ruo Nan looked around in front of the mirror narcissistically. It made Jane Xi and Yuanyuan laugh. \”Well, well, don\’t stink. I\’m here to find you.\” Jane Xi took the floor mirror, stood in the mirror and said directly to prevent Ruo man from feeling sorry for himself. \”Hey, Jane, you stand here as a mirror!\” Ruo man joked casually, but when he heard that Jane had something serious to do, he took the following words back and said, \”what\’s the matter?\” Yuanyuan also looked at Jane Xi curiously, waiting for Jane Xi\’s answer. \”Well, it will be the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month in four days. I think we have so many people this time. I think we should have a good Spring Festival and have a spring festival in 2022?\” Jian Xi said solemnly. \”Well, I haven\’t celebrated the new year since I came to xuanqiu star.\” if the man didn\’t want to, he replied. \”I agree, I also want to celebrate the new year.\” Yuanyuan\’s eyes were a little dark at this time. If the man heard this, he suddenly remembered something, and his look was also a dark. \”Why? Homesick?\” Jane Xi naturally understood what they thought. Their two parents stayed on the earth. Although she knew that they should all be well in Kun garden now, after all, it has been five years since they were separated. In the future, they don\’t know if they will see them again. Seeing the two of them nodding gently, Jane Xi patted them on the shoulders and said, \”don\’t worry, as long as I have that ability, I will take you back to the earth and have a look at them. Jane Xi will never break her promise.\” Jane reluctantly swore, and a streamer of light poured into her forehead. If man and Yuanyuan saw that Jane Xi had taken the oath most valued by practitioners, Everyone was shocked and tears flashed in their eyes. \”Jane Xi, how can you swear? I don\’t want you to swear. I\’m very grateful that you have this sentence. You gave us the opportunity to come here. We came voluntarily. Before we came, we already knew what we were going to face, so please take it back?\” Yuanyuan\’s voice had a cry. \”Yes! Jane Xi, why do you make such an oath? In fact, we are afraid that one day, when we really have the ability to go back, we will no longer see them. However, Jane Xi, thank you, thank you for your heart. We all know. I Qu Ruonan also swear that Jane Xi is the best and best friend of my life. If I betray her one day, we will call me a bad death, ash flying smoke.\” Jane Xi covered Ruo man\’s mouth, but she had not blocked the familiar streamer into Ruo man\’s eyebrows, and the oath had been established.

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