After dinner, Qian Yuezhen cooked corn paste and fried a cabbage fungus.

Gao Shuang has heard Jane Xi\’s words. She wants to open her mouth and scold Jane Xi, but the pain of knowing the sea makes her unable to say a word, and her hands and feet are bound. Otherwise, she would have rolled around with her head in her arms. But now she feels regret for the first time, but there is no regret medicine in the world, and everything is irreparable. Her eyes stared at Jane Xi bitterly and maliciously at the beginning, and later prayed that Jane Xi would give her a pleasure, but Jane Xi had lit her dumb acupoint, so that she couldn\’t even sound the pain horn. She looked at Gao Shuang so quietly, very calm and indifferent. The bamboo forest was very quiet, only the wind rustled bamboo leaves, The soft wind blew a few strands of hair on Jane Xi\’s cheek and floated up. If there was no woman opposite her who had turned out her eyes and bitten her mouth in pain, the picture would be very beautiful. But now such a scene gives people more feeling, which is gloomy and terrible It was not until Gao Shuang\’s eyes gradually lost their clarity and became turbid, and blood and saliva flowed outward from the corners of her mouth that Jane Xi removed the fairy rope. At this time, Li Zhiyu had already sobered up. He didn\’t have a lot of hatred for Gao Shuang. While lamenting that he couldn\’t annoy women, he also felt very relieved. If he let him go so happily, he might still feel a little depressed, but now he feels that he has a good mind and is no longer depressed. Jane Xi received a bundle of fairy rope, and then a star flame burned Gao Shuang into nothingness, and there was no trace of her existence. Jane Xi rummaged through Gao Shuang\’s ring, but she didn\’t find Gao Shuang\’s secret skill of changing face. She knew that the secret skill was destroyed after her own practice. She was a woman who didn\’t spare any room. However, no matter what she did, she finally died, and it was the kind of death method in which the original God was destroyed. She didn\’t even have the chance to reincarnate, let alone the ridiculous curse of \”I won\’t let you go as a ghost\”. Watching Jian Xi throw Gao Shuang\’s ring into his ring, Li Zhiyu stood up and said, \”let\’s go and see some of your senior brothers and sisters with me!\” With a long sigh, Li Zhiyu and Jian Xi walked out along the path in the bamboo forest. No matter how serious the physical damage is, a nine level Dandao master like Jian Xi has completely recovered his health. Li Zhiyu\’s mood at this time was really cheerful and restored his elegant and gentle immortal posture. However, at this time, the bell on the bell tower next to the conference hall of the zongmen center also rang. When everyone, of course, including all the disciples of Jianxi school, came to the cultivation square, the patriarch long Yuncai gave you an update. All the inner disciples and core disciples of the sect have to go out and start to eliminate the demon cultivation, vowing to eliminate all the demon cultivation at one time. The reason why we don\’t need the participation of external disciples is that the cultivation of external disciples is generally not high. Under the same cultivation, the force value of external disciples is far lower than that of demon cultivation. If they go, the casualties will increase a lot, and they can\’t play a big role. So all the inner disciples and core disciples went this time. In a group of five people, it took a full day to allocate the grouping and suppression areas. Each person also issued a point card to score according to the number of demon cultivation. When you return to the sect, you can use the points to obtain the corresponding material rewards. Jian Xi\’s current accomplishments are already the best among the 17 people in the same school. Therefore, this time, Jian Xi is also the leader of a group. She led four inner disciples to leave through the zongmen transmission array. Among the four inner disciples, only one female disciple and three male disciples are much older than Jane Xi. They are all about 100 years old, but they just look very young. Jane Xi is only 33 years old, but she is their leader. The previous four people despised Jane Xi because of her youth, but when Jane Xi released her pressure a little, the four people were better than the cat. Such a task is too simple for Jane Xi. Only when others are stunned can they know whether it is magic cultivation, and Jane Xi knows it clearly as long as she takes a look. Therefore, in two days, the area she is responsible for herself will be cleaned up. Let his four team members return to zongmen to hand in the task first, and he inquired about qijiexin through Xingmeng.

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