Dark blue Zhongshan suit, the cuffs have been washed a little white, but there is no patch, very clean.

However, Fang Yang didn\’t get used to him at all. He hit him again. \”Oh, you son of a bitch told you not to hit your face.\” Fang Yang was angry with the old man\’s shamelessness, but Fang Yang still told him carefully: \”If you\’re an idiot, you\’ll listen. What an idiot can think of such a way is that you seal yourself with the enchantment to ensure the power of the enchantment, and you still live in this world to some extent. When others want to break the enchantment, you can still appear, which is equivalent to adding a defense to the treasure, but haven\’t you thought of a problem?\” \”What?\” Duan Ling was stunned. \”Time, elder brother, time is the most destructive thing. Things that prosper will decline sooner or later. Your family may be very prosperous in those years, but it has already declined after so many years? At least now I know that your descendants are just a city Lord. Although they are doing well, they are still far from talking about the top forces in the mainland. As for what you said The array that can absorb the energy of heaven and earth has been destroyed for many years. I\’m really convinced and I don\’t know what you think. If it were me, I wouldn\’t do so. The power of the soul can be reincarnated even if it is destroyed by others, but if your power of the soul is completely absorbed by one thing, you can\’t even reincarnate, and you\’ll be buried in the next life \”Yes.\” Fang Yang said helplessly. As soon as he said this, the face color of Ling Li changed and became strange for a while. After a long time, Duan Ling said to himself seriously, \”I didn\’t think about this problem.\” Fang Yang: \”\” Ling Fangyang was speechless about this period. He felt that the other party was an expert, but somehow, Fang Yangzong felt that this guy lacked a string in his mind. \”According to what you say, I have been absorbed by this boundary for so many years?\” Looking up at Fang Yang, Duan Ling asked. When she spoke, it seemed that Duan Ling still didn\’t believe it. A strange look flashed between her eyebrows. \”Nonsense.\” Fang Yang scolded. \”No wonder my strength has retreated so much.\” After this sentence appeared, Fang Yang almost didn\’t spit out a mouthful of blood. Fang Yang especially wanted to say that whether you have a long heart or not, isn\’t that the point? You know, you just wanted to kill me. I\’m stronger than you now. I want to kill you every minute, but you still have a mind to care about it? Fang Yang didn\’t know how to say it for a moment At this moment, my heart gradually faded. \”Hey, it seems that I can\’t hold on to the fruit of creation.\” I don\’t know how long it took, this Ling took a deep breath and sighed. Hearing the speech, Fang Yang looked at this Ling and asked softly, \”what is the fruit of creation you said?\” Glancing at Fang Yang, Duan lingleng snorted. He looked like he didn\’t bird Fang Yang at all and was silent. Looking at this piece of Ling, Fang Yang was angry. Without hesitation, he hit him directly with his big fist. \”Oh, don\’t hit, I said.\” \”didn\’t he say not to hit his face?\”

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