Brother Wang drinks water.

He looked at Fang Yang coldly, as if he had foreseen the other party\’s death! Qingyun chamber of Commerce has always had a detached position in the Longyuan Dynasty. Even a branch is no weaker than the official power in some counties, cities and big houses. For example, in this Hunyuan mansion, even the first-class sect like Jinshan gate dare not easily make enemies with Qingyun chamber of Commerce. If Qingyun chamber of Commerce really wants to do it, let alone kill an unknown boy, even if it is tieshantong, JINSHANMEN may not have a good way. Iron mountain Tong knew this and wanted to lead the anger of Qingyun chamber of Commerce to Fang Yang. Even if Fang Yang really has some background, it\’s useless in the face of Qingyun chamber of Commerce! Just when he thought he had calculated well and waited for Wang Qifeng to make a move, the next scene stunned tieshantong. Wang Qifeng\’s eyes turned. When he saw Fang Yang clearly, his expression was stunned, and then his tone was slightly flattering: \”it was the contradiction between the childe and them.\” \”some small things.\” Fang Yang smiled. Iron mountain has a good calculation, but I didn\’t expect that Wang Qifeng had a deal with Fang Yang long ago. If you only buy some small items, Wang Qifeng will not be partial to himself. The key is that Fang Yang sold him Chunyang Jue! This is the core skill of Chunyang Zhenzong. It\’s hard to estimate its value. It\’s something you can\’t buy if you want to buy it. In order to make great contributions to Chunyang Jue, Wang Qifeng naturally won\’t make bad friends with Fang Yang and even have to please him. \”Young master, what\’s the trouble? I Qingyun chamber of commerce can do a lot of things. Except him, other people are not a problem.\” Wang Qifeng pointed to Jin Fengrui and said calmly. Although what he said was plain, it only felt creepy in the ears of the same few people on the iron mountain. What happened? Wang Qifeng, is this a murder? Want to kill them? For such a boy without background!? Even Jin Fengrui\’s expression changed slightly. He had already known the strength of Wang Qifeng when he punched one after another. Although it would be difficult for Wang Qifeng to kill himself if he tried his best, it would be foolish to protect others. Tian Baikang and Zhang Meng also have bloodless faces. If Qingyun chamber of Commerce really wants to kill them, they must have nothing to do. Even if their background is large enough, they will be killed. After that, Qingyun chamber of commerce at most provoked a mild condemnation from Hunyuan government. The head of the government dared not break with Qingyun chamber of Commerce unless he had to. In particular, Zhang Meng was most frightened and her body trembled. She was the most arrogant just now. She had already offended and killed several people of Fang Yang, and Fang Yang also clearly showed her intention to kill herself. If the other party nodded, she was likely to explain her good years here. She regretted that she wanted to die and couldn\’t help crying.

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