Zhang Quanfa saw that she was so indifferent to herself and thought that these women have a virtue!

\”OK! I think you are good at killing people with a pair of fists. As soon as your strength is strong, this pair of fists will be given to you!\” the faceless man said, raised his hand and threw out a pair of black fist armor. The martial artist took it, looked at it and said with great joy: \”xuanbing!\” the fist armor in his hand is wrapped with a layer of dense evil Qi. The mysterious Qi is surging, which is a high-quality xuanbing! \”Thank you, Fang Shao!\” Lei Chong was overjoyed. He quickly put on his fist armor and waved it. The mysterious Qi worked more smoothly. With the help of this mysterious soldier, his combat effectiveness must be higher! The Faceless Man nodded and pointed out another person: \”your blade was damaged earlier, here\’s the Qingquan sword!\” and you and I give you a dragon snake sword spirit. \” \”The martial arts of this jade slip match your physique just right.\” at one time, the Faceless Man fully pointed out more than ten martial artists. There were also meditation in the nether world when he was free. He distributed the next batch of things. All the people named were happy, and the others were envious. \”This is just the beginning. There will only be more battles in the future. You should make good use of the rewards and give play to your greater strength. If you don\’t get them, you should work harder. It will always be your turn.\” With the action of the Faceless Man, everyone\’s mind was ignited again. Especially when those who received the reward returned to the crowd, people around them gathered and made a noise. \”There are still some ways for Fang Yang to buy people\’s hearts.\” Liu Ziqian narrowed his eyes and smiled, \”It\’s said that Fang Yang got an ancient cave. It seems that he also got a lot of treasures in it. He distributed them so generously.\” Fang Yang is noncommittal. Although the things distributed by the Faceless Man are good, they are far worse than the xuanbing in Jianhe mansion. But I have to say that he is really willing. Unless he is like Fang Yang and has a store of goods in the cave, he doesn\’t pay attention to these things. Otherwise, pick out one of the things sent by the Faceless Man, which is worth six or seven million Xuanyuan, or even more Ten million! When several people praised, they didn\’t know that there was a quarrel among the four shameless men. \”Brother! What are you doing? Are you too heroic? These are all things we have worked hard to get, and they will be sent out anyway.\” scar man first made a voice of anger. The feminine man also said: \”Eldest brother, I\’m going to stand with sun Manzi this time. Like those black ghost fist armor, it\’s the legacy of the old ghost of the giant fist sect. The old man is such a mysterious soldier. He was a great treasure. When he was attacked by many sects and died, he took your hand and gave it to you. You said to give it away? How can you let the brothers rest in peace!\” Yu Laogui is an old guy without front teeth. When he sees himself, the most words he says are \”if my daughter doesn\’t die, you will be so old in the future.\” , every time the feminine man just narrowed his eyes and gave him a whip. The old ghost who was in pain grinned for a few days. When he spoke, he seemed to think of the old ghost\’s speech without front teeth. The more he spoke, the more anxious he became, and his angry eyes were red. They all came out of the league and stayed in the League for a long time or a short time. Although they were all deserters, but they all hugged each other They are extremely friendly and have a deep relationship. On that day, more than 30 sects jointly attacked the abandoned alliance, and the abandoned alliance fell apart, killing and wounding countless people. The people who fled were also hurt. Like the faceless men, they were placed high hopes and got a lot of things from the dead and injured people.

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