Li Siyu, who came home, was in a good mood. Although it was dangerous to leave an address, there was no other way.

The black fog suddenly surged out of his body, and his body disappeared in place. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind Liu Ziqian. The dark air flow was transformed into several daggers and penetrated into Liu Ziqian\’s back. At this time, the dead Pavilion elder also gave full play to his characteristics of being good at attacking and killing. If Fang Yang hadn\’t seen him with his own eyes However, when the dagger in front of him was about to stab Liu Ziqian, Liu Ziqian smiled calmly: \”what the hell is the life and death pavilion?\” Liu Ziqian immediately turned around. The daggers hit his chest, but when they didn\’t stab him, they popped open. Liu Ziqian\’s five fingers of his right hand formed a shuttle shape and suddenly ran through. Pooh. His palm directly penetrated the chest of the dead Pavilion elder over there, and even the body protecting gangqi couldn\’t stop it. The dead Pavilion elder\’s body trembled, his throat wriggled and made a gurgling sound Liu Ziqian slowly took back his right hand stained with blood. As he pulled away, the blood flowed from the chest of the elder of the death Pavilion, and his viscera had been broken into a pool of rotten meat. When Liu Ziqian\’s right hand was completely pulled back, the elder of the death Pavilion couldn\’t support it. He stared at Liu Ziqian in horror He fell to the ground with a bang. Until he died, he was also in a posture of not closing his eyes. It was clear that the chance of a lifetime was in front of him. At this time, Fang Yang\’s pure Yang and mysterious Qi had been vented to a certain extent. He was in shape, then immediately pulled away, put on Shui qianrou\’s clothes, and Fang Yang stood aside. Shui qianrou was still sitting still, and she wanted to refine Fang Yang\’s purity Yang Xuanqi Fang Ke, but at this time, there is no big problem. \”Fang Yang, you can cheat me. I\’m so bitter. I really thought you founded the regiment, but several other people pretended to be your name.\” Liu Ziqian\’s anger turned and his blood evaporated. He shook his hand and said with a smile. Fang Yang was stunned and immediately thought that he had cheated him with his pseudonym. He shrugged and said, \”it\’s just a coincidence. I didn\’t expect someone to attract so many people with my name. Just wanted to go in and have a look, I met you.\” Liu Ziqian smiled gently: \”Anyway, you really didn\’t disappoint me.\” when he said this, a fine light appeared in his eyes. \”I\’ve heard that Fang Yang\’s reputation is not small. I\’ve been making a big fuss in the Hunyuan mansion with the cultivation of concentrating on the realm for a long time. I was disappointed when I learned that Fang Yang\’s strength was actually in the later stage of the empty netherworld in Wusha city. Now I\’m very happy to hear your real identity. You really only have the peak of concentrating on the realm.\” Fang Yang smiled without saying a word and asked: \”Haven\’t you been with that group of people all the time? How did you appear here?\” \”naturally, they were separated. They were chased and killed by the warriors of Tiance mansion. After a big war, I left the team. Anyway, Fang Yang is not the one I want to find, but now I\’m interested to see you.\” Liu Ziqian said, \”After I left, I wandered around for a while and happened to enter this mausoleum. Unexpectedly, I met you here. We really had a good fate.\” Fang Yang listened to it strangely. Especially after knowing that Liu Ziqian was not a simple generation, he became more and more careful about his attitude. \”What about the people around you?\” Fang Yang asked. Can he remember that Liu Ziqian was surrounded by several guards at the peak of the concentration state? Although they were the peak of the concentration state, they had special strength, gave people a strong feeling and showed all kinds of strange things.

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