Li Siyu now has a neat back panel of the sofa. He sees a male secretary at the door still writing hard, as if he didn\’t find anyone coming in.

Seeing that the disciples outside shouted twice without any response, they couldn\’t help but look sad and consciously hurt their face. Although he was a low-level existence among the core disciples on Chunyang peak, the people on the other peaks naturally had their own pride, not to mention a new kid. \”I really don\’t know what to do! Look at me breaking your guard array!\” In front of Shang Wen\’an, he didn\’t want to end up with a useless label. He was immediately angry, and the pure Yang and Xuan Qi in the palm of his hand condensed. He clapped the palm of the martial artist in the early Yang realm, which contained the Xuan Qi. With one palm, the Dharma array around the cave seemed to be torn open immediately. At this time, before his palm hit, the Dharma array in front of the cave disappeared instantly, and then it disappeared There was a strong dark air wave between the caves. Hum! The red light was diffuse, like a fire slurry eruption, and a huge sword Gang appeared from the cave. \”Fire Yang Sword array!\” The disciple\’s complexion changed. The Huoyang sword array is the most lethal Dharma array in the major caves. It is usually placed in an important place in the cave. How can it be urged at this time? Now it\’s too late for him to retreat, so he can only bite his teeth and bump into it. Boom! The palm strength collided with the huge sword Gang, which tore up the disciple\’s palm strength, and the strength erupted, which hit the younger brother even more On Zi\’s body, although he had run Xuanqi to resist, since the fire Yang Sword array was a powerful Dharma array with full attack power, the power could not be easily resisted. With a loud noise, he groaned, and the protective Gang on his body surface completely collapsed. The sword Gang hit his chest and directly smashed him out. \”Puff.\” The disciple rolled a hundred meters and then stopped his momentum. Just when he stood up, he vomited blood. The fire Yang Sword Gang hit his internal organs, and the sharp fire Yang Qi hit him hard. If he hadn\’t been protected by pure Yang Xuan Qi, the previous blow would have wasted half of his fighting power. \”Damn you boy.\” The disciple covered his chest, and a look of anger appeared on his pale face. He stared at the hole. Fang Yang\’s figure came out slowly at the hole. Seeing this scene, he didn\’t know that Fang Yang had given him a hand, so he was angry immediately. Not only he, Shang Wen\’an\’s faces were heavy. He was just a boy in the middle of the empty and dark world. How dare he fight them? Do you understand himself \”Your identity!\” he yelled loudly. Didn\’t your mother teach you not to disturb others? \”Fang Yang walked out, sneered, glanced around and scolded impolitely.\” you, you\’re talking to me? Looking for death. \”The disciple\’s angry cheeks flushed, stood up in panic and wanted to do it. Fang Yang raised his eyebrows: \”The previous attack is not enough? If you don\’t accept it, you can come up again. I can\’t guarantee what will happen next time.\” hearing this, his face suddenly turned green and white. \”You low cultivation boy, I can crush ten with one hand outside! If you have the ability, don\’t rely on the power of the cave Dharma array.\” the disciple said. Fang Yang sneered: \”Fool, I want to go to the level of Chu Yang state. You can crush twenty of me with one finger. If you have the ability, don\’t use the cultivation of Chu Yang state.\”

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