However, people still breathe. Li Siyu wants someone to send him to the hospital, but he is afraid of death. What should I do if I find her to settle accounts.

Hearing the joking words, Li Bei only felt the explosion of anger in his chest and roared, \”Fang Yang! I\’ll kill you!!\” His eyes were red, and he didn\’t care about the sword formation or not. He waved the silver sword in his hand, and the star sword was used. The Big Dipper seven star sword moves were used together, and the seven blades roared to attack Fang Yang. As soon as the banter on Fang Yang\’s face was over, the nine palace sword was in his hand, and he said coldly, \”it\’s time for us to finish!\” His wrist trembled, and the dragon and snake sword Qi burst out on the nine palace sword. The sword Qi rolled and attacked without flinching. At this time, no one else intervened, it was a one-to-one battle between two people. Wuxian sword Dao With all his strength and constant changes in Fang Yang\’s hands, Zipo and the dragon and snake attack each other, supplemented by the power of nine turns, and soon gained the upper hand. Although Li Bei\’s Xingchen Kendo is strong, how can it compare with Fang Yang\’s understanding of Kendo? Coupled with the suppression of the Dragon Qi in the ancient cave of Zhenlong, his advantages in cultivation have not played much role, and the situation quickly collapsed He came to Fang Yang. Finally, after a hundred moves, Li Bei couldn\’t bear it. He waved the silver sword in his hand and used the killing moves. Seven stars killed! He rushed all the mysterious Qi into the blade, and the silver sword Gang appeared like a white python, swallowing it at Fang Yang\’s side. Fang Yang\’s eyebrows and eyes were cold. When the sword gang was about to be added, he raised the sword slowly and waved it lightly. His heart was open One sword! Fang Yang\’s sword directly cut into the weak point of the seven star killing silver and white sword Gang, instantly tore the roaring white Python sword Gang, and then the sword Qi reversed. Under Fang Yang\’s sword waving, he returned with the strong strength of the silver and white sword gang. He saw a strong silver and white light column flash past and flash in front of Li Bei. \”No!!\” Li Bei roared and didn\’t want to shout, but no matter how he operated the Xuanqi, he couldn\’t resist the attack at this time. The roaring sword Gang occupied a large space and directly collided with Li Bei and another Shenxiao sword sect martial artist, and flew upside down. The blow directly penetrated the hard rock wall and galloped out of a hundred steps, which was worthy of dissipation. Between the fragmented caves, Li Bei His body was penetrated by countless sharp lights, and his whole body was dripping with blood. It was obvious that he couldn\’t get up. As for another Shenxiao sword sect warrior in the early Yang state, he was even more miserable. He was hanged by sword Gang, and his flesh and blood didn\’t exist. He died. With a sword, Fang Yang took a deep breath, which suppressed the fatigue of his body. Now he has climbed the third floor of the sword tower Layer, the mind eye sword has been used skillfully for a long time. At this time, the operation of the sword can not be a great burden to him. When he stepped forward and rushed to Li Bei, he just felt the last breath in Li Bei\’s body dissipate. After confirming that the other party was dead, he hooked his hand to take Li Bei\’s storage ring, and then turned to leave. Li Bei, a talented disciple of Shenxiao sword sect, died! In Fang Yang When Li Bei was killed with one sword, the two disciples of Wuji mountain sect over there gradually couldn\’t bear the attack of Shui qianrou. Shui qianrou is a water absorbing metaphysical body, and she is extremely skilled in the use of water Qi. Under her control, she gave full play to the characteristics of water flow to overcome hardness with softness. In front of these two Wuji mountain sect\’s early Yang warriors, they are strong and terrible, but they fight in the company Not only will it not cause any damage to the water flow, but it will be shocked by the shaking force of the water flow and hit their own flesh and blood viscera. One or two attacks are nothing, but once the water flow shocks continuously, it will be like big waves. Rao is that the flesh and blood on their body surface is hard enough and the viscera in their body can\’t bear it.

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