With doubts, Li Siyu has left the mine and gone to the textile factory.

With this hundred xuanjing, you can buy some food for Xiaoyi! The little girl had not eaten a real meal for a long time. Mao San was hot at the thought of the excitement of the first-class saliva. \”If you have anything, you can come to me again. Now I\’ll go back first!\” Mao San couldn\’t wait. Fang Yang could also understand his emotions and nodded with a smile. Mao San hurried away with xuanjing in his hand. Then Fang Yang was not idle. He only got fifteen thousand xuanjing. He still had to accumulate more xuanjing. So he continued to pick up the task. Due to the previous uproar, Fang Yang left a deep impression. When he picked up the task this time, there was no one to find fault. He quickly picked up the task and got the information, so he also went out to finish the task. Anyway, xuanjing things can be used in the nether passage. It\’s always good to accumulate more. With such an idea, Fang Yang also became extremely diligent. A slum north of Aoki city. Mao San returned to the cabin early with a piece of fresh demon flesh and blood. \”The bee horned deer\’s meat is a good thing. It has the effect of nourishing and tonifying. The meat is moistened with sweet honey. It\’s delicious. I\’ve been drooling since I saw it last time. I can finally buy some for her to taste this time. She will be very happy.\” Mao San thought so and ran quickly to the house. He trotted all the way, but he saw some strange silence in the slum. Aren\’t many people hanging out at this time of the day? But Mao San didn\’t think much. He couldn\’t wait to run back to his cabin. When Mao San turned the corner and ran to his house with a happy face, his face suddenly changed, and the meat of the bee horned deer in his hand fell to the ground. Honey seeped out from the flesh and blood, but Mao San didn\’t care about it. He hurried forward: \”Yu San, Li Da, what\’s the matter with you?\” on the road leading to his house, there were more than ten corpses lying everywhere, red with blood. It was obvious that these people were dead and couldn\’t die anymore. Mao San jumped in his heart and rushed forward in a panic. All he saw along the way were familiar people in the slum. Among them, there were many benefactors who gave a mouthful of food at the time of his hardship, but all fell in a pool of blood and died for a long time. He rushed all the way and finally came to his house. Around his shabby hut, more than ten people gathered. Mao San was shocked when he saw the clothes on these people. The green and tidy clothes also represented the origin of these people. Chaimu palace! The manager of Aoki city. He glanced hurriedly and finally fixed his eyes on a familiar little figure.

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