Where is her meal so easy to eat?

Zhao Minghu was overjoyed and smiled grimly: \”now, do you know my power?! no one can escape in my blood array!!\” The blood flowed into the sea and turned quickly. It was clear that there was nothingness around, but there were waves as if they were real. The waves were rolling. As soon as Zhao Minghu pinched the formula, he saw that the countless blood around Fang Yang immediately changed into sharp blood spears, penetrating his body. The blood ran through the air, and Fang Yang\’s ears were full of broken air with sharp sounds. He encouraged him Li raised his hand and controlled the nine palace sword in his hand between the invisible sea water around him. Dang! A blood spear hit Fang Yang, and Fang Yang\’s body was shocked. I only felt that there was a force to draw blood on the blood spear, which made Fang Yang\’s blood surge all over his body. In a twinkling of an eye, more than a thousand blood spears rushed down. These blood spears hit Fang Yang Fang Yang\’s body will not disappear even if it is blown to pieces. After a while, it will gather and form again. As seen all over the sky, countless blood streamers are flying, like ten thousand arrows, one after another, crashing into Fang Yang\’s body. Under these continuous attacks, Fang Yang doesn\’t even have the power to fight back, and his whole body has been almost completely swallowed up by the blood light. Low Everyone who saw this scene turned pale and whispered in surprise. \”It\’s over. He can\’t get out of this attack.\” \”it\’s still too young. Although Fang Yang has strong strength, Zhao Minghu is a man who has been famous for a long time. He has experienced many bloody battles to stand out. His experience is still too old.\” \”It\’s a pity that this boy will die in it.\” The expression of the Lun Jin man was a little dull. When I saw it carefully, there was a slight wrinkle in the center of his eyebrows on his smooth cheeks. It seemed that even he could not see the direction of the war. Chapter 532 dragon eyes shocked Fang Yang. He was at the core of the place where countless blood spears ran through. I could experience the so-called \”Blood Sea array\” personally It\’s powerful. The array can\’t be broken and the blood spear can\’t be eliminated. The water attribute Xuanqi cultivated by Zhao Minghu is a vast and inexhaustible thing. This time, it\’s more driven by blood essence and more powerful. Under these secret methods, it\’s absolutely impossible for Fang Yang to drain his Xuanqi.

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