So a man on one side opened the things on the table.

She screamed and angry. More than a hundred martial artists followed behind her rushed up immediately. At this time, Mu Shaohua couldn\’t care whether she killed Fang Yang himself. Now she just wants Fang Yang to die! Countless mysterious Qi filled the air and enveloped Fang Yang. Seeing such a scene, Fang Yang\’s face changed slightly. She didn\’t expect that so many martial artists rushed up after she angered the old witch. The cultivation of these martial artists is not weak. In addition, they have different Xuanqi. To some extent, they are more difficult to deal with than the old witch. At this time, countless mysterious Qi burst in front of Fang Yang, the thousands of wine glasses around him were also shaking in violent ripples, and the light of body protection was weakened at a speed visible to the naked eye. Fang Yang\’s complexion changed slightly. He was unwilling to wait to die. Taking advantage of the protective effect of thousands of wine glasses, he also jumped into the crowd. Although Fang Yang can\’t use his Xuanqi, his own strength is still there. As long as the martial artist entangled by Fang Yang has to remove at least one arm and thigh, there are bursts of miserable howls from the crowd. Fang Yang, such a \”loser\” without cultivation, just put down more than a dozen martial artists in the later stage of chuyang. However, what he can do is limited to this. Once the vigorous Qi of the thousand wine cups is exhausted and the help does not arrive, there is only a dead end to meet Fang Yang. Chapter 579 recovery opportunity Fang Yang kills in the crowd and injures several martial artists. The thousand wine cups on his body finally couldn\’t resist. He heard a light bang. The thousand wine cups shrouded around him immediately flew up, whizzed into white light and fell into Fang Yang\’s hands, turning into a normal look. And immediately after that, countless mysterious Qi burst, strong Qi surged, and bombarded Fang Yang. I can\’t hide! Fang Yang\’s heart sank. Haven\’t they come here yet? As soon as the idea came up, Fang Yang suddenly burst into a golden light, which formed a golden cover and shrouded Fang Yang in it. There were many sounds and countless mysterious Qi roared, but when he hit the gold cover, he was completely resisted. Fang Yang could feel the powerful concussion of the mysterious Qi outside, but none of the mysterious Qi really hurt him. The sudden appearance of such a scene made Fang Yang stunned and his eyes lit up. \”Buddha light? Mingjing is coming!\” he looked up, and then saw a majestic mountain force pressing down.

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