Haven\’t you seen your majesty? Why not under your majesty? Shen Xian asked back, secretly accusing her of being careless.

The three people looked at it carefully. As a result, they saw Fang Yang slowly come in from the outside. Fang Yang\’s face was cold. Looking at the three people, he reiterated: \”I don\’t agree with what you just said.\” \”it\’s you?\” Hou Xiangqing looked at Fang Yang, a little stunned, and then thought of his identity. Fang Yang is a famous person in the Dragon cutting club. Although his reputation is bad, coupled with his conflict with his son Hou Zhenqing, Hou Xiangqing can\’t even know him. \”Lord Hou, do you know him?\” iron mountain turned his head. \”Why are you here? You\’re the seventh team of Shuitang. You should follow Wang Shanming. Where are they?\” Hou Xiangqing scolded mercilessly. \”They are fine,\” Fang Yang said calmly. \”The situation in Tianyan city has stabilized. There are no changes except for the death of several worthy people.\” \”really? Great.\” fog woman was happy. \”You haven\’t answered me yet. How did you come here!\” Hou Xiangqing said in a deep voice. \”Things over there are over, so I\’ll come here naturally.\” Fang Yang said calmly. He looked coldly at Hou Xiangqing. \”Your action is too slow.\” \”presumptuous! You dare to take care of our affairs, and don\’t see what level you are! You don\’t have the right to interrupt here. Get back!\” Hou Xiangqing said angrily. The boy is really not a good role. No wonder his son has a grudge against him. As the leader of the fire hall, his position is here, so he doesn\’t have a good tone for Fang Yang. Fang Yang was so insipid that he looked at him. At the thought that he had come up with such a sinister idea that he almost put shuiqianrou in a dangerous place, his heart was also filled with murderous intent. But Fang Yang still didn\’t show it. He suddenly thought of something. He raised his eyebrows and said, \”yes, Lord Hou, there\’s something you want to know. Your son died bravely in his duty.\” chapter 701 goodbye, qianrou. Hou Xiangqing was still angry and thought about how to punish the boy. At first glance, he couldn\’t help but look stunned. \”What did you say?\” he didn\’t respond. His son Hou Zhen?! \”Hou Zhen? What\’s wrong with Hou Zhen!!\” he reacted suddenly, his face changed greatly and roared.

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