Maybe it\’s not on the surface, Qian guessed.

\”It\’s really this thing.\” Fang Yang immediately explored the spirit and thought about wrapping it on the column. As soon as his spirit touched the black column, a dark streamer burst out suddenly, and immediately fed back to Fang Yang\’s spirit. This feeling seems to be swallowing Fang Yang\’s spirit. \”This column can function as a spirit!\” Fang Yang was surprised. In order to avoid making a noise, he didn\’t flinch at all. Under the surge of the spirit, he turned to the cold meaning on the black column. As soon as the spirit came into contact with the cold meaning, it was an instant fight. The cold meaning wanted to devour Fang Yang\’s spirit, but how tenacious Fang Yang\’s spirit was, how could it be simply swallowed by this thing and fought down, though It was said that the loss was not small for Fang Yang, but he finally pressed down the cold meaning. Fang Yang was able to pay close attention to this pillar by relying on the strength of his own spirit. The black pillar felt a trace of extraordinary before. At this time, Fang Yang was completely surprised. \”This pillar is definitely aimed at the existence of the spirit!\” Fang Yang has been determined. There is a strong spirit breath and a smell of burnt flesh on this object. Although he has never seen what happened on this pillar with his own eyes, Fang Yang can vaguely feel the pain left on it. The wailing of the spirit! Fang Yang\’s face is cold when he sees this. \”The black soul tribe is really not good! It may be used by the flow of torture tools to peel off the spirit. If so, it can be understood. No wonder there are so many black shadows here. No wonder all the human shadows are empty shells.\” Fang Yang didn\’t hesitate at once. Since it was determined from the clues that the people in the black soul tribe were not good birds, he simply didn\’t cover it up. His eyes opened impressively, and a fine light flashed between his eyes. He dissipated the darkness in front of him in an instant. At the same time, Fang Yang\’s spirit expanded in an instant and directly shrouded the whole valley. With the strength of Fang Yang\’s spirit, he was caged Covering the valley is also a simple thing. Under the omnipresent exploration of the spirit, the surrounding scenes fall into Fang Yang\’s perception. \”There!\” As soon as Fang Yang\’s eyes lit up, his eyes suddenly fixed on a black column in the middle, and his body rushed out. When Fang Yang just showed his divine power, the whole black soul tribe had awakened. His eyes twinkled and glittered. Under the light, he could see countless black shadows gathering in a whooshing way, and the mountain walls, trees and tents were dense I don\’t know how many people there are. They didn\’t expect Fang Yang to sneak in without being found. It\’s too late to wake up and scream. They can only watch Fang Yang rush to the middle post.

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