Miss Shen, you\’re here at last. the eunuch, who had been wearing a long face, immediately changed his smile.

At that time, taking Fang Yang\’s head and complete Lei Qilin\’s essence back will certainly be enough to make up for their heavy losses. Maybe Long Yuan will be happy and make his strength advance by leaps and bounds! Liao Xingwen was a little happy when he thought of this. But then he thought of his own situation, and his face changed slightly. He didn\’t cultivate himself and met anyone at this time It\’s a dead end. Sima Xiangshan\’s strength is strong, but in addition to Fang Yang, there are two Dragon Kings, Zhan Lingshui and Wansen. In particular, Zhan Lingshui and the body of the God of war are not fun. Once there is a real confrontation, Sima Xiangshan will win with one enemy and three. After all, there is the suppression of the realm. But what is the process of fierce fighting It\’s hard to say. Liao Xingwen shudders at the thought of this scene if those people attack him at that time. He doesn\’t want to die as cannon fodder. Then he wants to speak secretly and say that he doesn\’t have combat effectiveness. Should he put down himself first and let him go back? Some nice words may be effective? Liao Xingwen\’s idea has just dropped and hasn\’t waited yet When he opened his mouth, Sima Xiangshan in front of him seemed to have found something. As soon as his eyes brightened, he immediately reached out and grabbed Liao Xingwen\’s collar and stepped out. Huhu. The strong wind surged. Sima Xiangshan\’s speed was so fast that he flew out in a twinkling of an eye. Poor Liao Xingwen just felt the strong wind blowing on his face. As soon as he opened his mouth, a cold wind poured into his mouth and nearly killed him Choking to death, he had no choice but to close his mouth. The cold wind was like a knife, scraping the fat on his face. Liao Xingwen\’s face was blue and purple, but he couldn\’t struggle at all. He had to close his eyes like a life. Now, even if he wanted to escape, he couldn\’t escape, and he was afraid to say it , Sima Xiangshan gave him a promise and threw him down. Liao Xingwen looked at the sky thousands of feet below him and wisely chose not to know anything. Just go step by step. Even if he really joined Sima Xiangshan\’s action to kill Fang Yang, he might not die. But if he fell from this height, he would not have dragon power to protect his body, but There is really only a dead end. In the blue sky, a streamer flies by.

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