A palace maid ran over, this is the cloak that Grandpa Li ordered to give you.

He turned cold and didn\’t show her a good face at all. Li Siyu didn\’t care. You\’d better go quickly. Who would you show her face to? Zhao Shuqin saw that her man didn\’t speak and didn\’t say anything. Touching the radio, she thought that Cheng Yuan would see each other anyway. This was reserved for marrying a daughter-in-law. Sun Li looked at the couple and scolded fools in her heart. She didn\’t have the same attitude as them Attitude, but a polite smile. \”Siyu is back. I must be tired at work. I brought some mountain vegetables at home. It\’s delicious at this time.\” Next to Sun Li, there was a basket of mountain vegetables with ten eggs in it. Li Siyu was surprised at her attitude. Usually, the fourth brother\’s family didn\’t rise to the top and didn\’t suffer a loss. This time, they brought something back to her? Li Siyu also knew that they must come together for her to find a job for Li Chengcai. \”Thank you, sister-in-law. It happened that my mother was talking about eating mountain vegetables yesterday. It was just the right time to bring it.\” Li Siyu took the old lady\’s gun. I took the things, but I took them for the old lady. The children are filial, but I can\’t find Li Siyu here. Sun Li is also an intelligent person. Why don\’t you know the meaning hidden in Li Siyu\’s words? She secretly said that the little sister-in-law has become more and more proficient since she came to work in the city. Zhao Shuqin looked at Sun Li and came here to find them It\’s just for the good. Isn\’t it too bad to take things here? Sun Li is a fool. She\’s not stupid! The old lady took a deep breath and looked at none of her daughter-in-law. When she separated, she already knew that she couldn\’t hold down the family, and her sons had different feelings. She couldn\’t control it. But the daughter-in-law decided on her daughter? That\’s not good, Unless she dies! \”I said the third family and the fourth daughter-in-law, I have nothing to do now. I should go back. You have seen that there is no place to live here. Don\’t say my mother kicked you out. Just have a look.\” the old lady directly ordered me to leave the house and didn\’t want to eat here for a meal.

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