Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]:

Such a weak chicken? Seeing Li Siyu\’s disgusted eyes, Lin Cheng blushed. He didn\’t want to be beaten, okay? Why look at him with such eyes! \”They beat the sticks! Two people asked me the way, and then two people came out and beat me from behind.\” Lin Cheng said wrongfully. \”If I hadn\’t reacted quickly, I would have been killed.\”? Li Siyu looked at him suspiciously. He was beaten and reacted quickly? Lin Cheng is also very aggrieved. He\’s not afraid to hit him head-on, but these boys beat sullen sticks. There are too many Yin moves to prevent. \”They hit me stealthily, and I couldn\’t prevent it, so I was beaten.\” what a grievance! You don\’t believe the look in your daughter-in-law\’s eyes! Li Siyu saw that he was wronged. It seems that he was really beaten. She said, how can Lin Cheng, the big tall man, beat two of them one by one, so as not to be knocked out. Lin Cheng saw that she believed it. Wronged, he wanted a hug of love. Li Siyu: I\’m afraid you want to taste the iron fist of love?! The next morning, Li Siyu went to the canteen to fetch food for him, and then ate by himself. He didn\’t go back until Wang Tiesheng came. When Li Siyu returned to the office, she gave the manuscript to Secretary Qiu. The manuscript was better than last time. She didn\’t think there was any problem. Sure enough, Secretary Qiu looked at it and nodded. Then he asked her about her physical condition. Knowing that she was all right, he let her go back. Secretary Wen looked at the two people with doubts in his eyes. No, she copied Li Siyu\’s manuscript yesterday and gave it to Secretary Qiu. Why didn\’t Secretary Qiu respond to her manuscript? Holding back his doubts, the Secretary book quietly continued his work. In fact, the manuscript given by Secretary Qiu to Li Siyu is the task of the secretary room on the first floor and the second floor. Everyone should write one.

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