Mu Zhao coughed softly.

Li Siyu saw that she was tangled, and immediately understood what was going on. He said, \”you don\’t have to be so tangled. Really, everyone takes you as a true friend.\” Liu Chengxue heard her say this and knew that she was comforting herself. And they really didn\’t say they didn\’t invite them to dinner, but she was sorry. \”I\’ll call you at noon.\” Li Siyu patted her on the shoulder and went back to sit. Xu Weinan went out to the bathroom and met Zhang Dawei on the way. He looked gloomy and wanted to hit people. \”You, what are you doing?\” Xu Weinan was afraid, but he pretended to be calm. The two are married now. If he hits someone again, she will cry out. Anyway, I\’m married and I\’m not afraid of others\’ jokes. Compared with being beaten, she would rather let others laugh. Anyway, she doesn\’t lose meat or hurt. Zhang Dawei looked at her with a sneer and said, \”OK, I\’m not going home anymore?\” \”what do you mean I\’m not going home?\” Xu Weinan was angry when he mentioned this. \”Your sister asked me to wear her watch? Why, I wouldn\’t promise.\” Chapter 207 determines the relationship. Xu Weinan looked at Zhang Dawei with hatred. Why did she compromise? This is my own thing. She was also uncomfortable when she thought of the faces of her mother\’s family on her these two days. For a watch, I didn\’t even ask for a bride price, and my mother\’s family offended me. But Xu Weinan didn\’t regret it. She gave her mother money. She couldn\’t get anything. Now at least she has a watch. Zhang Dawei saw that she didn\’t go home yet and said, \”Why are you so stingy? What can she do if she wears it for two days? It can break you.\” \”wear it for two days?\” Xu Weinan said word by word: \”depending on your sister\’s character, if she can give it back to me, my name will be written backwards!\” Zhang Dawei naturally knew that Xu Weinan was telling the truth, but he slandered his sister in front of him, It\’s too much. \”You don\’t want to be well, do you?\” he stared at Xu Weinan with a gloomy face. \”Why don\’t I want to be well? Tell your sister not to play the main part of the watch, and I\’ll go back.\” Xu Weinan said calmly. She\’s not afraid to wear shoes with bare feet anyway. It\’s a big deal that everyone will lose face together. I remember that my mother-in-law has always been a good person outside. If this kind of thing happens at home, it will be laughed at to death. Zhang Dawei sighed, thought for a moment, and said, \”OK, I\’ll go back and talk to her. What\’s the matter with you coming home from work at night and staying at your mother\’s house all the time?\”

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