When empress dowager Yang saw this, a smile flashed in her eyes. However, she still brought a cup of tea and drank slowly. Seeing that the veil was about to be twisted by Shen Ling and her little face was full of worry, she slowly asked, Ling Er, what\’s the matter? Do you still want to massage me today?

Li Siyu said hello to her with a smile, \”don\’t say yet, I don\’t want you at all after walking for so long.\” Liu Chengxue was also very happy to see her. Since the game at home was sold, the living conditions have also improved. At least don\’t worry about eating some today and no food tomorrow. \”I miss director Li very much.\” Liu Chengxue came up to her and grabbed her hand. Several people were very happy to meet at one time and talked for a long time. \”Xiao Li has a holiday.\” team leader Zhou, who just came back from the outside, saw Li Siyu with a rare smile on his face. Li Siyu came forward and said hello, \”team leader Zhou.\” \”well, how can you keep up with learning?\” he looked at Li Siyu and asked. \”OK, it\’s not very hard to learn.\” Li Siyu replied modestly. \”That\’s good.\” group leader Zhou nodded. Seeing that they had a good chat, group leader Zhou went back to the office. Li Siyu stayed for a while and went out. After all, she doesn\’t work here now. It\’s not good to stay more. Before leaving, she told Peng lingman and Liu Chengxue to go to her for dinner in the evening. It\’s better to catch up with the old times after not seeing each other for such a long time. Out of the municipal gate, Li Siyu looked at the woman coming up. She looked very familiar. When she looked more carefully, wasn\’t it Xu Weinan? Xu Weinan was very different from her previous bright appearance, so she didn\’t recognize it at first sight. She was wearing simple clothes, with a pale look on her face and a bulging stomach. It seemed that she should be pregnant. This pregnant should not be chubby, bright? How did it look like this. Xu Weinan also saw Li Siyu. Seeing that she was still so white and dressed so well, she was very jealous. Most people who have worked together know that Lin Cheng and Li Siyu are object relations. Xu Weinan also knew that she said how she looked at Lin Cheng and Li Siyu before. She had already hooked up. Li Siyu ignored her jealous eyes and skipped her to go home directly. \”Stop\” Xu Weinan grabbed Li Siyu\’s sleeve and asked her to stop.

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