If you have anything to say, why bother with life and death?

Dark Spirit Sword-Destruction!The Lingxuan Sword gritted his teeth and used his second move. The area of ​​a hundred li radius was completely turned into nothingness, and even the bodies of the two Yao Wuyan were cut into pieces.I\’ve said it\’s useless, you can\’t break your death thoughts. Yao Wuyan\’s body condensed again, and his gaze at the Lingxuan Sword was mocking.Seeing this scene, Lingxuanjian\’s heart sank to the bottom.Is it going to show the third trick?now!Everyone in the line of Lingshen was staring nervously, and everyone’s face was full of worry and confusion, because they saw the Lingxuan Sword standing blankly on the spot, while Yao Wuyan was moving step by step. He is only about five steps away.Big brother, what\’s wrong?Why are you in a daze at this moment? Yao Wuyan has already approached…What happened?Ling Zhantian\’s expression became extremely solemn, and the hearts of the second elders and others were strained to the extreme. They looked at Lingxuan Sword motionlessly, they realized that something must have happened, otherwise Lingxuan Sword would not appear this strange. Of the situation.Big brother, can you see what\’s going on?It\’s a bit weird, it feels like… Ling Zhantian suddenly remembered something, his face pale for a while, \”This is the death mind of the Death God clan.\”what……Death Mind…The faces of the second elder and others also became extremely pale.The death god clan has long since fallen, but there was a terrifying magical skill in the past. Once this magical skill is produced, even the descendants of the gods who are one level stronger than its strength are difficult to resist, and they are eventually defeated or even killed. The weird magic is the mind of death.Although he hadn\’t experienced this strange magical skill, the second elder and others had heard of it.Being hit by the mind of death, you can\’t control yourself at all, isn\’t it because you have lost the ability to resist? You can\’t even protect yourself.In an instant!

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