Shanghai doesn\’t know exactly what it is, but there will always be a clear day.

The earth trembled suddenly inexplicably.Is someone fighting?Shanghai frowned, and then shook his head. It wasn\’t that people were fighting, it seemed that something was causing it. According to perceptual investigations, it was 100 miles away, which was not too far away. After hesitating, he decided to look at it. Look, immediately swept towards Baili.The earth\’s trembling stopped, and there was a dark palm-sized peculiar bead floating on the ground, with weird patterns all over it.The number of beads…Shanghai\’s eyes lit up, and he didn\’t expect that his luck was so good that he encountered the quota bead. It seemed that he didn\’t need to look for it anymore. He thought, grabbing the quota bead, and suddenly an inexplicable repulsion came. , Apparently resisting him.It turns out that these are three sets of guardian quota beads…Shanghai could not help but feel a little disappointed, because according to the rules of this competition, each group will have guardian beads, and this bead can only be obtained by four groups of descendants of the gods, otherwise, the four guardian beads will be won by three groups. .Therefore, it is impossible to get a place for the guardianship beads. Disappointed and disappointed, Shanghai still grabbed it casually, and it was a big deal to exchange with the four groups of guardianship beads.Brother, slow!A voice came, and a handsome man quickly rushed over and landed not far away, \”This brother should be in three groups, and it\’s useless to take this bead. Why don\’t you give it to me? Of course, I won’t let my brother suffer, I am willing to trade some treasures.\”At this time!Shanghai felt more than a dozen terrifying auras coming here, and it was obvious that the descendants of the god race noticed the strange tremors of the earth, so they rushed over.Brother, I don\’t know what I propose? This is useless if you take it. On the contrary, it is a hot potato. If many descendants of the Protoss are worried about it, it will be troublesome. Why don\’t you just change it to me. The handsome man said in a loud voice. .What are you going to change? Shanghai said in a deep voice.How about a Tenth-Rank Intermediate Divine Skill? the handsome man said.A Tenth-Rank Intermediate Magic Skill? Shanghai laughed, \”Are you kidding? Exchange these magic skills for the top twenty-four spot beads?\”Brother, don\’t be too greedy as a human being. I am willing to produce a tenth-rank intermediate magical skill. It is already considered good. If I change to another person, I will not care about you. I have already taken the shot and snatched it. With your ability, It is impossible to keep this bead in the hands of the four groups of people. The handsome man\’s expression became cold.I\’m afraid I will disappoint you. Shanghai took the quota beads into his arms.You don\’t agree…If that\’s the case, don\’t blame me… The handsome man narrowed his eyes and disappeared in place.

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