Isn\’t Ming Yuyan…

The surface of Mu Tao\’s body shattered, and all the vines seemed to have absorbed his body as a nutrient, and instantly became stronger, and with a piercing sound, they all blasted towards Shanghai. The unparalleled strength shook the enchantment slightly. , The power of this blow is no less than that of Yan Potian\’s shot.Facing this blow, Shanghai raised his right hand slightly, his pupils suddenly condensed, and the power of chaos burst out.Huh!King Kong!Shanghai played this defensive magical skill of transforming the realm, making itself as strong as a golden soup, and then pierced with a crosshand. All the light disappeared in an instant, and the light on the connecting realm was covered. These are two nines. One of the mid-level magical skills, the \”Missing Light Shuttle\”.The poisonous dragon that came from the killing was shattered on the spot at the moment it came into contact with Mie Guang Shuo, and the unparalleled chaotic power blasted into Mu Tao\’s chest.Chapter 0829Huh! Want to hurt me? You\’re still a little tender.Mu Tao\’s eyes flickered with a blue and secluded divine light, and the extremely powerful divine power appeared on his chest. This divine power was so strong that it had reached the bloodline concentration of 40%. Under this concentration, the divine power exerted was extremely powerful. Immediately shake out.But at the moment when he came into contact with the chaotic power pouring into his body, Mu Tao was immediately moved. The divine might that he swayed was only slightly resisted, and he was blasted away aggressively…How can this be……Mu Tao exclaimed, \”I am the power of the king\’s level, and I have 40% of the bloodline, and the power contained in it is far superior to others. He is only the pinnacle of the venerable person. I am only one level behind me in the realm, but in the bloodline power. But he is stronger than mine, is he… a body of whole blood?\”boom……The chaotic force rushed into Mu Tao\’s body, and the domineering and mighty impact shocked his face pale and the corners of his mouth were bleeding. When he was about to return, a light and shadow suddenly appeared, and a huge divine ape quickly condensed and turned into a shocking world. Punch.The deadly danger is coming…Mu Tao\’s expression was full of panic, but it was too late to escape.Bang…The enchantment trembled, and Mu Tao was slammed into the enchantment. He couldn\’t bear a mouthful of blood reversal anymore. He spouted wildly on the spot. He was defeated. He was defeated, but his heart was hanging in his throat. Slipped down, at least the other party didn\’t kill him.Don\’t talk nonsense in the future. Shanghai glanced faintly, grabbed the emptiness, collected the crystal of the gods, turned back and left the competition area.Mu Tao, who had regained his life, did not dare to say anything more, and silently retreated. When he left, he took a deep look at Shanghai, and he was very fortunate. Fortunately, he met not a bloodthirsty person. Otherwise, his life will be explained here.

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