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Episode 029 – About Playtesting

Playtest copy of Daniel Solis' "Belle of the Ball"

Show Notes
– 6/23/2011

– Adventure Week is back! 6/26-7/2
– DexCon 7/7 – 7/11

– Key West, FL

– All About Playtesting! with Josh Roby and Ryan Macklin
– Ryan Macklin: Mythender
– Josh Roby: Atlantis Risen
– Tim Rodriguez: Hyperreality

What you look for in trying to make your game better:
– Playtesting for your Target Experience
– Playtesting for Understanding
– Playtest the Setting
– Playtest the Audience

Nothing is Sacred — Changing your mind
– Learn to accept when things don’t work
– Elements that you cut are not actually dead
– Versioning!
– Playtesters are frequently too nice
– Don’t playtest with flavor text
– Case Study: Technoir (Reading Assignment: Jeremy Keller’s website & game Technoir)

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June 23, 2011   2 Comments

Episode 027 – Project Planning

Show Notes – 5/8/2011

Adventure Week, 2nd Annual
Camp Nerdly – 5/20-22
Do Kickstarter
– Entering the Ennies, hit up the Facebook page and “Like” DFL, or leave a review on iTunes!

– Playtesting Ghost Pirates
– Playtesting Feed the Birds
– Planning their future

– Chantilly, VA
– Packing for Productivity

– Outline Plans: turn elements into actions
– Timeline activities and set deadlines
– Plan your tools to optimize doing what you want to be doing.

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May 9, 2011   2 Comments

Episode 018 – Talking to Robert Bohl part 2

Show Notes – 10/7/2010
– We believe that Games can be a force for good!
– Adventure Week, GameChef, and more!
– EpicWinApp, the to-do list RPG
– Rob first discovered his social skills in a MUSH
– D&D is the American Dream Myth
– Joshua A.C. Newman’s SHOCK: Social Science Fiction
– Playing games with their designers
– Innovation isn’t just doing something new – it does things that are meaningful.
– The dreaded meaning of “Indie Games” discussion
– quote of the episode: “all indie game designers only read Nietzche and drink Absinthe in their spare time.
– Sneak preview of Robert Bohl’s “Obvious Monstrosities”

October 7, 2010   2 Comments