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Games this Week

This is turning out to be a great week for games for me in particular, and I’m really excited about it and wanted to share.

Sunday morning, I found out that the Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple Kickstarter campaign had started, and I immediately made my donation. In two days they have raised nearly $10,000, and as I joked on the comments page, it’s on track to make $12,000 in the first three days. Boy I hope that comes true – I totally want to have been the first one to call it.

Sunday night, DFL was the third podcast to interview Daniel about Do and the Kickstarter campaign. The prior interview with him actually has a lot of sneak-preview type information about the origins of the game; they are also some of the best episodes so definitely give those a listen if you haven’t already. The Do episode will be releasing either late this month or in May – I’m way behind on editing. The next episode to drop will be a mutual interview with Daniel Perez, the Gamer Traveler

Further, I wrote a letter to the Monks that Daniel will be including in the book. So on top of this awesome project coming to fruition, I will also be a contributor.

Last night I got together with my friend Scott to do some play testing of Ghost Pirates, and managed to get a lot of little kinks worked out and more variety of play injected with a few little changes. The game is coming along really well, I’ve gotten the second round of playtest art and layout finished and I’d love to send out some print-and-play copies to people who want to test the current set of rules. Email me!

This morning I got a note from Robert Bohl that he’d plugged HYPERREALITY in an RPG.net forum thread. We’ll see where that goes, but it’s really exciting to see that something you’ve created has generated enough interest that other people want to promote it on their own.

Next step, some of these games need to get their own page and writeups.

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Episode 025 – Con Updates

Show Notes – 3/15/2011

Back on the road – Newark Delaware, Newport Rhode Island, Boston Massachusetts, and St. Louis Missouri

– Blog posted about Dreamation…writing more?
– Appearance on Jenn’s Dreamation Interviews
– Last chance for Feed the Birds prototypes
– Hyperreality is out!

PAX East
– Ran lots of the Dresden Files RPG, Hyperreality, and Fiasco (Dragon Slayers playset)
– Working on a new game called “Where my clothes!
– Played “Fifth World,” by Jason Godesky
– Boy do I need to run Apocalypse World

– Fear the Con (IV) next weekend!
– Information available at http://www.feartheboot.com and http://www.fearthecon.com
Time Cube

Download MP3

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Episode 018 – Talking to Robert Bohl part 2

Show Notes – 10/7/2010
– We believe that Games can be a force for good!
– Adventure Week, GameChef, and more!
– EpicWinApp, the to-do list RPG
– Rob first discovered his social skills in a MUSH
– D&D is the American Dream Myth
– Joshua A.C. Newman’s SHOCK: Social Science Fiction
– Playing games with their designers
– Innovation isn’t just doing something new – it does things that are meaningful.
– The dreaded meaning of “Indie Games” discussion
– quote of the episode: “all indie game designers only read Nietzche and drink Absinthe in their spare time.
– Sneak preview of Robert Bohl’s “Obvious Monstrosities”

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